Get More Interstitial Demand With Inneractive

Ad Network Mediation with Inneractive Interstitial Ads

We’re happy to announce that Inneractive Interstitial demand is now available through Fyber Mediation. Fyber’s sister company, Inneractive, brings a seamless integration that will help drive revenue for mobile publishers.

Quality ad campaigns

Inneractive is already available through Banner Mediation, and now you can bring this global demand to another major ad format. We’re strong believers in the power of programmatic and are confident that Inneractive’s strength in real-time-bidding (RTB) will bring high eCPMs and fill rates from global advertisers.

“Inneractive’s mission has always been to empower publishers through strong, innovative technologies. Inneractive’s proprietary programmatic platform, which supports high-value ad units, helps our publishers maximize revenue while enjoying the scale of programmatic.” stated Welby Chen, Chief Business Officer of Inneractive. “We are excited to open our global demand to our sister company, Fyber, as we believe it can generate a win-win for Fyber’s supply, as well as our demand partners.”

Hybrid Interstitials: The best of video and display

Inneractive’s mobile ad exchange gives significant global scale across display and video advertising. With Hybrid Interstitials, available in the Fyber platform, you can find the perfect mix of Inneractive’s display and video ads to drive higher eCPMs while preserving a positive user experience.

  • Does your app have fast gameplay that requires minimal interruption? Then consider static-only interstitials from Inneractive.
  • Is your primary goal to increase payouts? Then consider video-only interstitials for higher monetization rates.
  • Want to use both static and video for your app? Implement both and avoid user fatigue by pacing the video creatives so they only appear in limited frequency.


Get started

To learn how to drive higher revenues with Inneractive’s programmatic demand, please contact your Account Manager or email [email protected]

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