Introducing ACP Edge – our new self-serve campaign management platform

Our flexible and easy-to-use micro-bidding technology empowers advertisers to maximize access to Offer Wall inventory while driving better ROAS. Beta launch participants already reported an increase of 40% in CTR and 36% in Conversion Rate.


ACP Edge (Advertiser Control Panel Edge) puts our advertisers in complete control over their campaigns, allowing them to easily adjust their bids according to the quality of the results generated by each country and source – all under a single campaign configuration. ACP Edge also supports localization of the offer language (the platform supports all inputted languages) allowing advertisers to provide a consistent, native-tongue experience in countries for which their app is localized.



Please note: the platform currently supports CPI / CPE campaigns only, with roll out to other campaign types planned for a later date.


Advertisers that participated in the ACP Edge beta launch saw a massive improvement in performance, including an increase of 40% in CTR and 36% in Conversion Rate compared to campaigns for the same offers that did not utilize micro-bidding.


One of the main drivers behind these improvements was the ability to assign the appropriate bid to each source, allowing ACP Edge campaigns to continue to buy inventory from sources that previously would have been completely excluded from the campaign. This improved access to inventory drove an increase in absolute conversion numbers compared to the non-micro-bidding campaigns.



In order to provide a complete self-serve experience, micro-bidding campaigns are also fully supported by Edge Reports, enabling advertisers to gain granular performance insights into each permutation of their campaign, and optimize on the fly.



Configuration of micro-bidding is done in 3 easy steps as part of the campaign setup process:


1. Once the baseline campaign has been set up, including the baseline global bid, click on the “MICRO BIDDING” button to enable this option for the chosen campaign.


2. Click ADD COUNTRY GROUP and Select a country group (1 or more countries for which a different bid would be assigned;) adjust your bids to reflect the performance generated by this Country Group.


3. Click ADD an App Group and select (1 or more apps for which a different bid would be assigned; adjust your bids to reflect the performance generated by the created App Group accordingly.)


* Note that App Groups can be created within country groups (to assign different bids to specific apps in different markets).


Moving forward, all new campaigns will be created using ACP Edge while existing campaigns will be migrated over time to ensure that current optimizations as well as Fyber’s machine learning algorithms are not disrupted by this change.


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