Introducing FairBid SKAdNetwork Plist Generator – easily and effortlessly add the SKAdNetwork IDs to your info.plist files

Click here for the full steps to effortlessly add the SKAdNetwork IDs to your Info.plist files


With the many intermittent changes being introduced by Apple to iOS we have already prepared FairBid to operate with SKAdNetwork. Following the release of Xcode 12 last week and the release of iOS 14 a few days ago, we are wasting no time in preparing FairBid publishers to be fully updated and equipped accordingly. Read on to see why enabling SKAdNetwork should be an important task on a publisher’s ‘to do’ list, and the first step in this process is to add the SKAdNetwork IDs of their demand partners to their info.plist file.


The info.plist file is an XML file containing various properties of the application. It is already widely used by app developers, and now Apple’s SKAdnetwork framework requires that the list of all SKAdnetwork IDs be inserted inside the Info.plist file as an array of dictionaries.


Why do publishers need to add the SKAdNetwork IDs to their info.plist?

Simply put, to enable app install attribution via Apple’s SKAdNetwork framework. Publishers need to collect the SKAdNetwork IDs for each and every demand source that they work with and add them to their info.plist file which is implemented as part of the app’s code. With most developers working with multiple ad networks and DSPs for monetization, this process could result in an extensive list of different IDs and a high likelihood for duplications (as most DSPs are integrated with the most popular SSPs and ad networks). App developers need to ensure that all listings are accurate and remove any redundant duplications. Done manually, this requirement could create another tedious, highly error prone process.


If publishers fail to properly implement SKAdNetwork IDs, the advertisers who advertise on their apps won’t be able to track conversions in an IDFA-less world.


Save time, avoid errors and easily update your Info.plist file with SKAdNetwork IDs

To mitigate a potential decrease in ad revenue post IDFA, publishers have to maintain the most updated info.plist as possible to maximize demand accessing their inventory. To mitigate the risk of a faulty implementation, Fyber has developed FairBid SKAdNetwork Plist Generator to automate the process, eliminate the manual labor – and deliver a SKAdNetwork IDs tailored to the publisher’s needs.


You can choose the Mediated Ad Partners you want to integrate


This integration is made to be easy, less error-prone and efficient. FairBid publishers can now conveniently generate a code snippet with an exhaustive and tailored list of their needed SKAdNetwork IDs. This snippet will be generated dynamically and automatically based on the demand partners that the publisher is working with. The process enables publishers to easily and effortlessly add the SKAdNetwork IDs to their Info.plist files.



Depending on the selected networks, you might need to add entries to your plist file. If that is the case, simply include the above code


This “snippet generator” is now live and ready for you to use on the FairBid SDK V3.6.0 on iOS and Android. 


Click here for the full steps to effortlessly add the SKAdNetwork IDs to your Info.plist files

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