Introducing our new product suite and logos (Plus: Join us at GDC 2019)

As our CEO Ziv Elul wrote in a blog post last year, “In the ad tech industry, you need to be uncomfortable to continuously innovate and evolve.” So we introduced the new Fyber, which included a new brand identity, the industry-shaking Fyber FairBid platform, and the farewell of the Inneractive and Heyzap brands.


But unveiling the new Fyber last year was only the beginning. Ziv also said that “our story of Fyber is still being written.” Today, we’re announcing the next chapter in Fyber’s continued evolution. Say hello to our new suite of three powerful mobile monetization products that can help all app businesses grow revenue: Fyber FairBid, Fyber Marketplace, and Offer Wall Edge.

Our new product suite

Firstly, mobile app advertising underwent an evolutionary transformation when Fyber FairBid was introduced in 2018. Now Fyber FairBid is taking its next evolutionary shift, from more than just a unified auction free of unfairness, inequality, and non-transparent practices, to a comprehensive mobile monetization platform. Fyber FairBid will now power our new, ease-to-use dashboard and robust reporting tools, in addition to our unified auction technology.


Secondly, you’ll notice the new product name among the three—Fyber Marketplace. It’s the new name for Fyber VAMP (Video Ad Monetization Platform), our industry-leading in-app ad exchange that launched almost 8 years ago as the Inneractive Ad Exchange.


While Fyber VAMP is the most battle-tested ad exchange for app businesses in the industry, the name didn’t quite resonate with our publisher community. So we’re changing it. Starting today, Fyber VAMP is now Fyber Marketplace. But Fyber Marketplace is more than just a new name, it’s a better, stronger, and smarter version of Fyber VAMP.


Lastly, Offer Wall Edge remains as the leading offer wall product you’ve come to know and love since launching our first offer wall product in 2012, with new features coming soon.

Our new product logos

We’re also introducing unique product logos for Fyber FairBid, Fyber Marketplace, and Offer Wall Edge, respectively. Each product logo draws from the use of simple shapes in the Fyber logo. As an example, three rectangular blocks arranged next to each other represent the media buyers competing fairly in a Fyber FairBid unified auction. In addition to the simple shapes, limiting the color to only green shows that each product is part of a new family of products.

New Fyber product logos

Over the next few months, you’ll see the new product logos on the new Fyber dashboard, on the website, in content, and at places such as events.

Our GDC 2019 activities

At GDC 2018, hundreds of mobile game publishers and developers packed room 3009 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco for a panel discussion on the in-app header bidding revolution.


Fyber’s Christy Wong-Taylor, plus leading mobile game experts from Glu, AdColony, SEGA, Pixelberry Studios, and MobilityWare, brought down the house with their no-bullshit, truth-telling discussion on the topic of in-app bidding.


So what’s in store for an encore performance at GDC 2019?


Fyber, in collaboration with Facebook Audience Network, will provide the latest in-app bidding insights and what they mean for mobile game publishers and developers looking to grow their revenue.


Session details



But that’s not all. We’d love to invite you to a happy hour at GDC that’s so convenient, you don’t even have to leave the expo hall! We’ll be co-hosting a happy hour with our friends from Game of Whales at their booth on the expo floor.


If you’re among the first 50 guests to arrive, you’ll receive a key to a locked box with a brand new Apple Watch inside. If your key unlocks the box, then you win the watch! Whether it’s the right key or not, we’ll provide you with a drink on us.


Happy hour details


  • Date: Thursday, March 21
  • Time: 4:00-5:00 p.m.
  • Location: Booth P1715, South Hall of the Moscone Center


Get answers from the Fyber Team


Get some one-on-one time with a Fyber expert at our office or around the Moscone Center by scheduling a meeting here or via the button below.


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