Introducing Targeting Support for New Bid Request Attributes in the Fyber Exchange

Fyber Exchange programmatic RTB bid request attributes

At Fyber, we’re always looking for new ways to empower ad buyers like you to achieve your advertising campaign goals. For this reason, we’re excited to expand your targeting capabilities with support for new bid request attributes in the Fyber Exchange—all in the name of improving transparency.

Let’s dig in!

What we’re doing to improve the bidding experience for you

1. OpenRTB 2.5 compliance – When we recently added OpenRTB 2.5 compliance to Fyber, that opened up a slew of new bid request parameters for ad buyers—and we didn’t stop at just the required ones. Now you can target for maximum return by browser type, ad mediation platform, SDK technology, or video player rendering the ad. So you have an ad creative that just works better in Safari? Well, now you can easily bid only for ad views for people using Safari.

2. Direct vs. indirect traffic – Spend less time worrying where your inventory is coming from and more time on growing your business. Thanks to support for the owned & operated (O&O) attribute in bid requests, you can distinguish when traffic is coming directly from integration versus mediated networks.

Check out complete details on our bid requests on our help site here.

3. Rewarded vs. non-rewarded – People like choice. With rewarded video ads, publishers can tastefully monetize with ads people choose to watch in exchange for free rewards. For ad buyers like you, rewarded video places your ads in an environment where people are invested in seeing an ad and watch to completion. Now, Fyber will pass a new bid request parameter to ad buyers that indicates whether an impression is rewarded or not, giving buyers the opportunity to specifically target rewarded ad impressions.

4. Fraud and viewability – When it comes to fraud, we put you and your business first. At Fyber, our fraud prevention team partners with the leading ad fraud detection platforms to fight fraud head-on, protecting you from fraudulent publishers. We work with fraud detection firm Forensiq to grade all of our traffic, while at the same time blocking all traffic that indicates any fraud, before any bid requests are made available to ad buyers.

In addition, we make sure your ads are actually seen by your intended target audience, assessing the viewability of your ad before the bid request even happens based on historical data.

You can learn more about improvements to bid requests today by contacting us at [email protected].

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