Introducing the new Fyber

Introducing the new Fyber logo

Today, we’re excited to announce the new brand for Fyber.


Almost nine years ago, Fyber (originally SponsorPay) started with a simple mission: Help publishers like many of you earn revenue with ads, so they can actually focus on their businesses of creating great content experiences.


Since then, Fyber has evolved more than we could have possibly imagined, from a single company to a family of companies including Inneractive, Heyzap, and Fyber RTB (formerly Falk Realtime). And it’s thanks to our incredible community of publishers around the world. Without this community, we wouldn’t have more than 10,000 mobile apps and games on our platform, with over 1.2 billion unique monthly active users.


As the Fyber group continued to grow and move forward together with a shared vision over the last year, we realized that we needed a new brand identity to best reflect our family of companies as one company, as well as our growing community. So it was time for us to do something uncomfortable. And in the ad tech industry, you need to be uncomfortable to continuously innovate and evolve. In order to do so, we had to look ourselves in the mirror and ask: “Who are we? Where are we heading? And how can we make the biggest impact on the ad tech world?”


It goes without saying that ad tech can be complicated. The emergence of a solution called header bidding for desktop and mobile web made things a little less complicated. It treats all sources of demand as equal, where each ad impression is offered to all bidders at the same time. At Fyber, we want to bring that very same simplicity and equality to our customers and the chaotic world of ad tech. So, that’s why equality is the idea at the heart of our new product vision and brand identity.


Our first bold step forward creating equality for our customers: FairBid. Launching today, FairBid is the first product to bring the header bidding method to life for mobile app and game publishers, like many of you. While our story of Fyber is still being written, I’m excited to share our entirely new Fyber logo and look with you here.

Our new logo

New Fyber logo anatomy


Meet our new logo. Our new product vision of equality—the promise of a flat, fair, and transparent playing field for our customers—is weaved right into the new logomark, with an equals sign built into the large F right at the center. The square shape of the logo embodies our four companies coming together. It’s also an homage to an app icon—the most significant symbol of the content created by our publisher community.


Nothing moves faster than the speed of ad tech. That’s why we chose green as the color for our new brand, symbolizing our company’s innovative and fast-moving nature. The overall brand color palette is fresh, with vivid colors that are powerful yet simple.


Starting today, you’ll see the new logo and brand identity on our website, Fyber Blog, social media channels, and in many more places. Over the coming months, we’ll gradually roll out the new identity system in our products. And in accordance with these changes, we say farewell to the Inneractive and Heyzap brands. But with the closure of these brands, we can focus all of our energy on building great products like FairBid for our customers, realizing our new vision.


New Fyber logo color palette


If you’re heading to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2018, then you can get an up-close-and-personal look of the new brand. We hope you’ll explore the new Fyber website, and, as always, you can contact us to learn more about Fyber.



Fyber CEO

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