Investment, Innovation or Creativity: What’s Your Casual Connect Europe Focus?

Three themes headline Casual Connect Europe this year: Investment, Innovation and Creativity.

Casual Connect Europe

You could say those elements are what drive a successful mobile game business — you have to invest time and resources to build an innovative, creative game that drives downloads and keeps users playing.

The agenda is jam-packed with sessions that touch on each of these topics. And since we’ve always got mobile app monetization on the brain, we picked the one must-attend session in each theme that we think will help lead you to more revenue. 


The Mobile Indie Game Developer’s Guide to China

  • Thursday, 18 February @ 10:00am
  • Featuring Tencent

With a market of more than 365 million smartphone gamers, China is definitely a hot target for new mobile games. But for non-Chinese developers, breaking into that market is a massive undertaking, one that requires a significant investment of time and money. If you’ve been debating whether to expand your game into China, this session with Tencent (arguably one of the world leaders in Chinese gaming) is definitely for you.


Game Development for Smartwatches

Will smartwatch games become the next big thing? Too early to tell, but there’s no question that learning about how to make fun, profitable games that fit on a wrist will be one of the most innovative, eye-opening sessions at the show. 


Developing Your Game with Monetization in Mind

Figuring out how your mobile game will earn revenue starts from the planning and development phase, and this session with a killer roster of mobile ad monetization experts should provide a ton of fuel for your creative, money-making muscles. 

We’ve got a full crew headed to Amsterdam next week, so in addition to checking out one of these awesome panels, come demo our new ad units, or learn some monetization best practices from our team at Table 506. Find us on the Ground Floor, in Graanbeurszaal — next to the Keurzaal Lecture Hall! 

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