iOS 14.5 & ATT have arrived – what should you do now?

iOS14.5, Apple’s Tracking Transparency (ATT) and SKAN 2.2 is officially here! 


What does this mean? From now on, Apple users will be greeted by a prompt (that looks like the one below) in an app notifying and requesting permission to access their identifier (IDFA).

Source: Apple


With Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) framework now enforced, we continue to test and optimize with publishers and advertisers. We’re committed to supporting our partners and ensure a smooth transition into this era.


Here’s what you need to do to make sure your app is ready – don’t wait!


The post-IDFA Publisher’s checklist

✔  Adopt the ATT framework – and tailor it to your app experience ➞ strive to maximize opt-in rates by ensuring your users haves the best experience with the ATT framework introduction. 


✔  Update your SDK ➞ Fyber launched iOS SDK version 7.8.5 to support Xcode 12.5, iOS 14.5, and SKAdNetwork 2.2 – we recommend updating to Marketplace SDK 7.8.5 as soon as possible to maximize install measurement on your apps. Check out our Marketplace iOS changelogs for the latest.

✔  Update SKAdNetwork IDs on your info.plist today ➞ 89% of our publishers have adopted SKAdNetwork IDs for Fyber’s Marketplace on their info.plist. Make sure to update the IDs today to maximize revenue on ATT denied and restricted inventory. Missing SKAdNetwork IDs will prevent certain demand partners from effectively buying your inventory. Implement all network_ids from Fyber’s recommended list, available in JSON and XML format. 


Advertisers, you’re up next!

We’re in the midst of a makeover to the rules of mobile marketing, but there are solutions that will help mitigate the impact. 


What could you do now? Below are actionable steps to take for preparing and testing your inventory: 


✔  Prepare your integration for SKAdNetwork 2.2

To help upgrade integrations, Fyber has committed to working closely with our advertisers, and with the IAB to co-author the SKAdNetwork OpenRTB extension, which includes new support for SKAdNetwork 2.2 to facilitate app install and conversion tracking for our programmatic bidders buying on iOS14+. 


✔  Test before you spend

Fyber’s DSP Test App now supports testing on SKAdNetwork 2.2 – allowing buyers to ensure SKAdNetwork workflows and end-to-end ad lifecycle work smoothly before spending your clients’ budget. 


Our DSP partners are already testing – click here for details on how to start testing

(Please note – to test SKAdNetwork 2.2, please use IPA SDK version 7.8.5 and above)


✔ Context that enables action

At the peak of testing and preparing for the new mobile advertising environment, Fyber’s contextual targeting parameters enable advertisers to access insights, enhanced targeting, and optimization – all in a privacy-aware manner.


The parameters focus on user engagement, app-level, and game mode signals, allowing marketers to understand a user’s propensity to engage by knowing if a user has clicked or completed a video within the session – and this allows the delivery of relevant and valuable ads.


We’ll be here to continue and support our ecosystem through the transition period and give you full transparency into performance, sharing data and insights that will inform your monetization strategy and help optimize it.

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