Fyber’s Janis Zech Featured at NOAH Growth Talk

Janis_Zech_NOAHImage source: Thanos Kosmidis

On November 13th and 14th, hundreds of
C-level execs from the world’s leading internet companies met at the annual NOAH Conference in London. As one of Europe’s premier summits for internet executives and entrepreneurs, NOAH provides a forum for leaders to network and collaborate, share their insights, and discuss industry trends. Fyber’s own Janis Zech, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, was in attendance as a featured speaker to discuss Fyber’s evolution into a full-stack mobile supply side platform.

His presentation, entitled “The Fyber Evolution: Embracing Change in the Mobile App Ecosystem”, discussed Fyber’s rapid five-year growth from a sales-driven vertical ad network into the organization that it is today: offering a full-stack supply-side platform, operating internationally with over 250 people, and achieving a valuation of $190M. For example, Fyber recognized at an early stage the potential in mobile market, and shifted operations accordingly to capitalize on this growth trend. At the same time, this evolution meant that Fyber had to address the challenges faced by developers with regard to mobile ad monetization, such as: demand fragmentation, yield optimization on mobile, and the ability to quickly make refinements to one’s monetization strategy, in an ecosystem where frequent app updates are constrained by long lead times and high cost.

The presentation covered key lessons that Fyber management learned over the past five years, including:

  • How the rapid evolution of the company and its industry introduced both threats and opportunities. For example, while expansion in the mobile market presented ample opportunity for growth, it also created a highly-competitive market in which agile development and swift reactivity were necessary in order to achieve success.
  • The importance of recognizing disruptive ideas and iterating on them to achieve success, as well as ensuring that your product roadmap constantly evolves to address key industry challenges.
  • How to support external success from the inside by cultivating a culture that is innovative and embraces change.

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