Join the unified auction revolution: Fyber FairBid now widely available to all publishers

In February 2018, Fyber launched Fyber FairBid, a first-of-its-kind unified auction that brings a state of header bidding to the mobile app environment. Today, we’re excited to announce that Fyber FairBid is now available to all publishers.


Including “all types of buyers” in a truly unified auction is made possible by leveraging the best technology assets from Fyber’s mediation platform, as well as our recently acquired mobile-focused RTB exchanges. It means all SDK-based ad networks (those that integrated RTB technology and those that have yet to do so) are included in every auction, alongside all top DSPs (Oath, TubeMogul, Liftoff, CrossInstall, Fractional Media, etc), direct advertisers, and more.

Fyber FairBid graphic

Fyber FairBid

Publishers reap the rewards from Fyber FairBid

Increase revenue
Publishers improve yield as all types of buyers have access to a real-time auction, where the impression is awarded to the highest bidder. By flattening the waterfall, Fyber FairBid gives all buyers a fair chance to win the impression, which eliminates latency and missed revenue opportunities for publishers.


SDK-demand bids in real-time
Fyber FairBid enables SDK ad networks to bid in real-time for every impression with a commited eCPM, including ad network partners such as Facebook, AdColony, and Tapjoy. Traditional SDK ad networks that have yet to develop real-time bidding capabilities can also participate through our ‘mock-bidder’ technology, ensuring no crucial demand partner is left outside of the auction.


Transparency and efficiency
Fyber FairBid’s real-time environment provides publishers with transparency into the value of each impression through granular, reliable reporting. This includes publishers getting full visibility to the revenue details for all demand partners (DSPs, ad networks, advertisers, etc). Also, publishers save time as they are not spending hours manually optimizing inefficient waterfalls.


Reach out to us at [email protected] to discuss Fyber FairBid.


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