Killing Unicorns at Codemotion Berlin

Last Saturday, our software developer Grzegorz Witek delivered a speech at Codemotion Berlin, an international tech event held at the HTW Berlin. In his 30 minute talk, Grzegorz explained to the audience of how he and his team recently mastered the enormous data flow created by users of SponsorPay’s services all over the world. The solution was to abandon their original concept of Ruby server applications – in coder language known as “Unicorns” – and to replace them with a multi-threaded environment, thus generating a much better fitting solution to SponsorPay’s enormous server traffic.

Grzegorz recently graduated from the Poznan University of Technology, has worked as a programmer for Polish and Spanish startups and speaks four languages fluently – programming languages not counted! If you want to learn more about Unicorns, Pumas and what they have to do with coding, check out the video below. No animals were harmed during the presentation!

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