Make the Most of Ad Network Mediation

In this post, our product manager Jan Ustohal explains ad network mediation, giving advice on how developers can make the most of ad mediation for their overall ad monetization.

Why ad network mediation?

The key to successful ad monetization is being able to show an ad to your users whenever they want to see one, regardless of the time of the day or their geographic location.

With increasing demand for advertising, it is getting more difficult for ad networks to provide sufficient fill rates for your traffic, leading to a large number of ad requests going unfilled. This issue can be solved by integrating several ad networks, but this process requires a lot of time and resources — not only for the integration itself, but also for the management and optimization of these ad networks.

Ad network mediation enables you to integrate, manage, and optimize several ad networks in parallel. We’ve built a solution that minimizes the complexities of the process by unifying ad network adapters. These ad network adapters, which are either distributed with the SDK or implemented on the server-side, facilitate communication between the app and the ad networks. Normally, developers need to deal with all these networks individually. With our ad network mediation solution the developer bypasses this inconvenience and is able to use all the networks through a single interface.

The integration itself is only a matter of one drag-and-drop that adds the libraries to your project. This simple process is identical whether you’re integrating one or one hundred ad networks.

Taking control

In a similar manner, ad network mediation addresses the issues related to managing individual ad networks. Rather than setting everything up in each network’s dashboard, with our solution you are able to configure all the networks, set up optimization options, evaluate the performance of your integration through unified analytics, and depending on the network’s support, manage your content control rules through one single dashboard (see screenshots below).

Ad network mediation dashboard



Making the most of ad network mediation

Being able to integrate and manage ad networks effortlessly is only one part of the story. It’s important to get the most out of each network to achieve the best possible eCPM and maximize ad revenues.

Regardless of the ad format used, the process of manually adjusting the ranking of the networks based on their actual performance in tedious and inefficient. You have to obtain the data from the ad networks’ dashboards, make sure the metrics are comparable, rank the networks, and set the order accordingly. Failing to do so daily can result in a sub-optimal integration.

Our AutoPilot optimization aims to eliminate this problem by tapping into the reporting APIs of the ad networks, fetching the revenue data, and automatically calculating the real eCPM of the network. While this approach already addresses the biggest optimization pain point, we believe that we can improve the rankings even further. By using clever algorithms and statistical models, we want to leverage the fact that networks usually place the high paying campaigns in front of the “queue,” ensuring we always show high-paying from all networks before going to the backfill. We’ve just released our Predictive Algorithm to accomplish this very goal.

We don’t want to take away manual control over the network ranking completely, though. We also provide the option to fix eCPM manually, or to top-rank a specific network in a group of countries to ensure prioritized delivery.

Finding the match

Now we know that we can easily integrate and manage several networks, as well as optimize them for the best performance.  But we still have to decide which ones to choose.

We believe that in some cases “less is more,” and we put a lot of effort into continually screening and selecting the best ad networks to work with, on the basis of their eCPM potential, fill rates, user experience, and stability. Each partner network then undergoes a diligent integration process, making sure the integration into the ad mediation platform is seamless.

Just go for it

So, what is this ad mediation in the end? It’s a clever way to maximize your eCPM, ensure high fill rate, and integrate the right networks — all while minimizing the effort required to integrate, manage, and optimize these ad networks. So give it a shot!

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