Meet our ad network mediated partners: AdColony

AdColony ad network mediation partner

Every month we dedicate a blog to highlighting some of the many demand partners available to you through Fyber’s ad mediation platform. This month, we caught up with our friends over at AdColony to get their thoughts on where the mobile advertising industry is heading, their monetization tips for developers, and more.

Tell us a little about your company background and history. What sets AdColony apart?

AdColony started out as developer. We were a launch partner with Apple for the App Store back in June 2008. We made over 200 apps, the lion’s share of which were monetized through advertising. So we know first-hand what it’s like to make and run apps. We bring that core understanding to our conversations with potential partners and take a very consultative approach with our work.

We’re also laser-focused on mobile video advertising, and this focus is why we’re able to provide a best-in-class user experience to help publishers better target, acquire, engage, and monetize their users.

Tell us a little bit about your network.

AdColony reaches 500M+ MAU (monthly active users), more than 50% of which are in North America. We work with over 90% of the AdAge Top 100 Advertisers and 80% of the Top 100 Grossing Apps in the App Store. Our proprietary Instant-Play™ technology serves razor sharp, crystal-clear video ads instantly in HD across the world’s hottest apps.

Where do you see the mobile ad industry heading in the coming year?

Broadly speaking, as mobile video consumption continues to increase and mobile video ads continue to outperform other mobile ad formats, it’s not surprising that eMarketer’s most recent US Mobile Video Advertising Report shows mobile video outpacing other ad formats through 2019.

In the coming year, we’ll see the further growth of video advertising, as Fortune 500 brands and app developers continue to scale spend on mobile video to achieve their brand campaigns objectives and acquire loyal users for their apps, respectively.

What advice would you give to app developers just starting out? How can AdColony help app developers achieve their goals?

Driving user growth and monetization is critical. So it’s important to have your marketing and monetization strategy carefully thought out. From a monetization perspective, it’s really important for developers to start thinking about organic experiences that drive ad monetization that are non-intrusive and drive engagement and time spent by users in the app.

As for AdColony’s role, we have a great team with many, many years of experience to help our partners with integration recommendations, gameplay evaluation, etc. Publishers should definitely feel free to reach out to us for more specific questions about how we can help them reach their goals.

What are some common mistakes app developers should be aware of?

Launching the app without already having a well thought out ad monetization strategy in place is a common mistake. When, where, and how to show ads should be finalized during beta testing and be ready prior to global launch. A few years ago, it was common to save ad monetization for the second or third update after the app was live, but now it’s important to be ready at the time of launch in case of quick viral spread, app featuring, etc.

Do you have any tips for our developer clients on how to best integrate ads for maximum success?

In the case of a game developer, running interstitial videos between level changes is very popular and intuitive. Implementing our value exchange videos that reward users with premium content in exchange for watching videos to drive engagement and in-app purchases also makes a ton of sense. But going a deeper strategic level, what about the placement of these value exchange videos within the game’s content? The savvier game developers are finding great ways to merchandise the value exchange video ad placements that are deeply interconnected and woven into the gameplay. Even beyond this, one of the key things to think about as a developer is what to give as a reward to the player. Should it be hard currency or a unique booster or power-up? We find that the best rewards are unique (can’t be earned any other way), immediate (the player receives immediate benefit from the reward), and visual (the reward has a visual impact/representation in the game).

Thanks to AdColony for taking the time to share their thoughts with us! If you have any questions or are interested in getting started with Fyber’s ad mediation solution, please contact your account manager.

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