Mobile Acquisition 101: Know Your Audience

Are you new to the world of mobile user acquisition (UA)?

Maybe you’ve just joined the UA team at a mobile game studio and need to drive downloads for a new title. Perhaps you’ve taken on a new account at a mobile agency and need to help get a re-launched app to the top of the charts. Whatever your role, the world of mobile user acquisition can be complex and competitive — especially to the uninitiated.

So today, we kick off Mobile Acquisition 101, a blog series tailored to mobile UA newbies. Each post will cover basics and best practices for mobile user acquisition in a quick, easy-to-digest format. Up first? Some (potentially) surprising stats about who plays mobile games.

Three Fast Facts About Mobile Gamers

There’s a misconception that still persists about mobile games, and that players are just “hardcore gamers.” This stems from the fact that most console gamers are typically young and male. But mobile has broken down those barriers, and the reality is that these days, more and more people are engaging and gaming on the fly. Here’s what that looks like by the numbers:

  1) 50% of all global smartphone owners partake in casual mobile gameplay daily

That’s on their commute to work, while waiting in the queue for a coffee, and even as they fall asleep in their bed. There are dozens of opportunities for people to engage in mobile games over the course of the day.  

Female mobile gamer with tablet

  2) 52% percent of the mobile gamers are women

Candy Crush Saga, for example, boasts a female audience of 60%, while Bejeweled Blitz has more than 75% female players. While “hardcore” and console games still attract fewer female players than male, casual mobile games have truly become a women’s domain, with the gender shift extending to some “mid-core” games (or games that are slightly more complex than casual games, but still not as time-intensive as a “hardcore” game like an MMO or first-person shooter).

  3) There are more mobile gamers over the age of 50 than under 18

In fact, while the average age of a mobile gamer is 31, over a third of all mobile players are over the age of 45, proving that the mobile game audience is truly vast and diverse. So while the younger generation may be glued to their smartphones, mobile games are also appealing to older players.

older man mobile gamer

So what do these stats mean?

Ultimately, the pool of potential players for any given game or app is massive — you can aim for Millennial Dads, former military retirees, celebrity-obsessed fashionistas, and everything in between. Building a successful user acquisition campaign starts with knowing specifically who your game or app’s target audience is. Armed with that info, you can find the right ad formats and creative messages to reach them.

We think video can be one of the most effective (and engaging) formats for acquiring high-quality users, because short clips showcase gameplay in a way that more static ad units can’t. Video also has broad appeal for mobile players of all ages, across languages, countries, and even game genres.

Fyber offers a variety of unique, mobile video products that users can completely opt-in for, leading to more profitable relationships with them if they do decide to download your app.

Would like to know more? Download our whitepaper on utilizing Mobile Video campaigns for scaling your UA strategy and reach mobile gamers everywhere.

Sources: The Guardian; Big Fish Games, Magmic

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