How Top Developers Turn Peak Sports into Peak Revenue

Football fever is in the air — and that means more downloads and DAUs for football apps and games. So how do top mobile developers turn the soccer (err … football) frenzy into more revenue?

We asked the teams at Cosi Games (yes, the studio behind Pele Soccer Legend) and Aeria Games for some quick tactics and best practices. Here’s a quick snippet from Sascha Zehe, Associate Producer & Product Lead for Goal One, at Aeria Games:

“Football management apps like Goal One lend themselves to long play sessions, and when a player is that immersed, choosing ad units that have extremely high production value, and incorporating them wisely becomes even more important …”

Be sure to read the full article on PocketGamer, and for more football fandom, check out our list of the Top 11 football apps that we’re helping to monetize.

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