Monitor, Analyze, Block: The Anti-Fraud Trifecta

In this post, our product manager Marko Oksanen explains how to prevent mobile gaming fraud through the anti-fraud trifecta – monitor, analyze and block. The piece details each of these steps, outlines best practices & pinpoints considerations to keep in mind throughout the fraud prevention process.

As any developer knows, the mobile game economy is like a virtual version of the “Wild West.” There are huge opportunities and loose rules as rapid growth outpaces the industry’s ability to enforce restrictions. It’s an exciting landscape, but one that attracts its fair share of bandits. Fraudsters – mobile gamers who use bots, scripts, and proxies to avoid in-game purchases, or who hack into games’ code to skip levels – are becoming a widespread problem that affects developers.

Fraud fractures the mobile gaming industry’s value-chain, compromising app developers’ reputations, skewing traffic metrics, and inflating the value of in-game virtual currency. In short, it’s an issue that developers are looking to combat…

View the full post on combating mobile gaming fraud on Gamasutra. 

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