Movember: Reflections On Living A Month With A Moustache

SponsorPay’s first ever crack at Movember was extremely successful – we were able to raise over $1,300! Not only did that make us the second most successful team in Germany, it nearly made up 10% of the total amount of money raised in the country!

A big shout out to our Director of Marketing Projjol Banerjea who raised $402, the ninth highest individual total in Deutschland. Our North America and UK Advertiser Manager Tanya Lee also deserves a lot of credit — she was the one who brought the idea to the table. Finally, kudos to our entire team who came together to make it happen.

No matter the number of awkward stares directed at us, off-the-cuff comments received or social implications felt, we dawned our ‘staches with pride. Some of us attended and even spoke at industry events with our mos. While most of us have since (happily) shaved them off, we’re pleased to have been a part of such a campaign.

To everyone who contributed to the effort — you did good (grammatical edits need not apply).

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