MWC: Three Things That Make This One a Big Year for Ad Tech

Every year in Mid-February, the buzz around Mobile World Congress reaches a fever pitch — and with good reason. Close to 100,000 people converge in Barcelona for a week of conversations, connectivity and commerce, all focused on how mobile is changing the world.


The city feels electrified, the news releases come rapid-fire, and there’s an avalanche of mobile-centric product launches.

Yet to some, MWC seems like one big, loud, overly-crowded gadget-fest — one that doesn’t warrant significant investment, or real consideration as a source of education, inspiration, or leads. But to dismiss MWC as such would be a big mistake for anyone that wants to stay ahead of the curve — especially when it comes to ad tech. So read on for three reasons why MWC is ultra-relevant for the ad tech industry this year:


  • All Things Mobile Data

Data is the fuel that powers the ad tech engine, and right now, there’s nothing more coveted or contested than accurate mobile audience data. From the carriers with their direct subscriber relationships, to wearables and the potential for a non-stop feed of even more intimate (or creepy?) mobile ads, the conversations around data at MWC will be deep, insightful and ongoing.

Expect to see the launch of a variety of global, mobile data partnerships, as advertising technology providers, mobile publishers and ad industry holding companies like WPP, try to solve the challenge of mobile user targeting and tracking for advertisers.


  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is a Keynote

Facebook defines what success looks like for the entire mobile ecosystem. With one of the world’s largest mobile audiences — and one of the most lucrative mobile advertising businesses, when the company talks mobile, the whole world listens.

So will Facebook announce a new mobile ad product or service? Will Facebook release exclusive data on mobile content consumption, or mobile purchase behavior? Whatever gets revealed, the keynote by CEO Mark Zuckerberg will definitely be a must-see moment for ad tech types at MWC.



  • The Sleeping Giants Are Awakening

The mobile carriers — behemoth companies like AT&T, Vodafone and America Movil — have spent decades and billions building mobile networks that bring content, commerce and connectivity to people around the world. And yet they’ve barely made a dent in the billion-dollar mobile advertising space — particularly when it comes to advertising technology.

But that’s changing, and these sleeping giants are awakening to the revenue opportunity inherent in their networks. They’re forging partnerships with ad tech companies, and even launching ad platforms to better capitalize on their direct customer relationships (and the data those relationships provide). This is a space to watch, and one that will definitely generate some newsworthy moments at MWC.

You’ll find the Fyber team in App Planet Hall 8.1, Stand 8.111 — and there’s still time to request a meeting with us through this link. Can’t make it to Barcelona this year? You can check out all the keynotes via the Mobile World Live broadcasts and live stream here.

Photo credit: Jordi Boixareu via Flickr

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