New case study: Complementing IAP with rewarded ads


According to a recent report by eMarketer, in-app advertising and in-app purchases continue to rise in popularity as methods of monetization, while the paid download model has demonstrated a marked decline. Advertising is still the most popular business model by far (more than twice as common than IAP), but in-app purchases (or “IAP”), when executed correctly by the right type of app, can be a strong source of revenue for the developer.

However, the question is, can developers have the best of both worlds? Can they utilize both business models, in tandem, to maximize their returns? In our latest case study featuring Fyber’s client, a leading international publisher of mobile and social games, we explore:

o  Whether the implementation of rewarded ads increases or decreases the likelihood of an in-app purchase
o  How in-app ads affect engagement metrics, such as logins, storyline completion, etc.
o  The effect that in-app ads have on user retention

Download the study to read the full story.

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