NEW: Configure All Your Ad Formats. In One Place.

At Fyber, we want to provide you with the tools to easily manage the different ad formats you use, while minimizing the number of necessary code changes or app store submissions. To help you with that, we’re releasing a new Dashboard feature that makes it much easier for you to manage and configure your app’s ad formats, all from a single place – just look for the Ad Formats tab under the Apps page.



This new tab consolidates all settings related to ad formats and their configuration. Let’s take a look at few important features:

Turn your ad formats on / off

You can now easily make on-the-fly adjustments to your monetization strategy by having the ability to turn a particular ad format on or off, directly from the Dashboard. This gives you the flexibility to integrate an ad format into your application, and then control it directly from the Dashboard, without having to touch your code.


Reward settings by ad format

Previously, an app’s virtual currency and exchange rate were set up from the App Settings page. With this update, you simply define the virtual currency from the Settings page, and then configure everything related to the user reward on the new Ad Formats page. You can configure this separately for each rewarded ad format, and will soon be able to define a different virtual currency per ad format — check out our Dashboard blog for updates.

Single fixed reward for Rewarded Video

In the past, your virtual currency exchange rate for Rewarded Video would apply only for Fyber Ad Marketplace campaigns, meaning that you needed to set a fixed reward for campaigns from each mediated network you integrated. We’ve now we’ve simplified this process so that a single fixed reward is used for all Rewarded Video campaigns.This means that you can easily control how much virtual currency a user receives for a single video view, regardless of the source. You can also set this up from the Ad Formats page.

Note: Video campaigns shown through the Offer Wall will still use a variable reward calculated based on the Offer Wall exchange rate.


Where did my new reward setting for Rewarded Video come from? – Don’t worry, we’ve migrated your apps to a fixed reward based on your previous reward and exchange rate settings, so you should see the same rewards being delivered to users. You can check this reward value on the Rewarded Video tab on the Ad Formats page, and change it if you wish.

What else is new in this release?

  • General design and performance improvements throughout the Dashboard
  • Redesigned and streamlined wizard for app creation
  • Blog feed showing relevant product and platform updates
  • Test Callback feature times out after a certain period of time

If you have any thoughts, or would like to provide feedback, remember you can always  hit the “Feedback” button at the top-right of the page. Our team is hard at work to building additional improvements to our platform andwe have many more exciting releases in the pipeline — so stay tuned!



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