Take your workflow to new heights with automation and let FairBid do the heavy lifting

Q1 is a time for alignment and planning between app developers and monetization platforms. What we’re hearing from many of the monetization managers we spoke with is that much of 2021 was spent toiling away at essential yet monotonous tasks around growth instead of getting to more strategic analysis and implementation to grow player LTVs.


In a perfect world, with the help of automation, monetization managers can focus on growing partnerships, collaborating with their development teams on features, and have the bandwidth to identify opportunities for growth with larger incremental revenue lifts.


That’s where a solid monetization platform comes in – what tools, features, and services can help with the heavy lifting with long-term revenue in mind? Which platform can you trust to take the wheel when it comes to automation of these tasks without keeping that automation in a black box? We are lucky to have a team of product managers who have been in exactly your shoes as monetization managers and they have been focused on building that dream platform that they could have used in their previous roles at game studios. Our passion to make a monetization manager’s life easier is on perfect display with how we’ve simplified the migration, integration, testing, and monetization workflows through FairBid for you.


FairBid does the heavy lifting for you by simplifying your daily tasks


A lot of what we build relies on automation so you could save time on manual tasks like creating placements and instances with each mediated ad network in bulk with the .csv uploader. The Management API makes this even more seamless by removing the need to access the FairBid Console, streamlining your scheduled modifications to optimize your demand stack over time. Simplifying the creation and modification of these items saves time and also allows you to connect management to any of your internal systems via API, allowing you to keep this task within your existing workflow.


“Fyber FairBid saves us a lot of time, and gives us a clearer and more accurate lens into what is happening in our reports. Aside from that, it makes our operations a lot easier and lets us stay on top of all the key changes in our monetization performance and optimize our strategy accordingly”.

– Sinan Cagalyan, Head of Monetization, Outplay Entertainment

A machine that optimizes CPM prices for you


Offering an auto CPM option for non-bidding demand sources allows you to take manual re-calculation and updating of CPMs off your hands. You can also save time by leaning on FairBid’s smart switch option that first relies on your manually entered CPM for top geos then automatically switches over to auto CPM once enough data has been collected to make confident CPM predictions per placement, per instance, per country. 


Multi testing is a no-brainer  


One huge piece of being a monetization manager is running through A/B testing in order to fine-tune your monetization settings. While this takes time to gain definitive insights, it’s rewarding to find a setting that generates incremental revenue and improved performance across different KPIs to reach your goals. A common challenge with testing includes splitting traffic in a way that is fair to each variant in your test and knowing when to conclude your test – let us take another piece of guesswork off your plate.


FairBid’s Multi-Testing tool allows you to direct a percentage split between variants in your test with the tool randomly splitting your traffic on your behalf to ensure fair results across user groups. In addition, FairBid has a test duration recommendation to give you peace of mind that each variant has gathered enough data to be confident in your results should you switch 100% of your traffic to that variant’s settings. 


“Fyber FairBid’s Multi-Testing tool is one of the best A/B testing tool we’ve seen in the industry. The setup process is very quick and simple, and the tool supports multiple use cases, allowing us to adopt an ‘always test’ approach to optimization and growth.”

– Fabien Hersen, COO – Ketchapp


Analyze the data you need in an intuitive way  

Access to reporting in ways that don’t disrupt your existing monetization workflow is also important. In addition to a centralized place for reporting through Dynamic Reports with a 40+ metric drag-and-drop interface, FairBid also offers a reporting API and user level data API that can connect directly to your own internal BI systems for easy ingestion of data to consolidate data and see the bigger picture across all revenue channels.


It’s the little details that add up and really count to make a difference in alleviating your workflow. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on building the very best apps. Here’s to happy monetizing in 2022!

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