New: Separate security tokens for serverside callbacks and SDK

You can now define a dedicated security token to use for serverside callbacks. If you’re using your own server to handle user rewards, instead of the Fyber Virtual Currency Server (VCS), you can make use of this new token if you wish to use a different value than the one that’s stored in your client code.

Each app now has the following security tokens:

Client Security Token: Use this in your SDK configuration to allow the client to communicate with Fyber’s servers. This is always required for mobile apps.


Serverside Callback Security Token: This is only required (and visible) if you have selected to use serverside callbacks for reward handling. Use this token in your own serverside code to parse the callbacks we send each time the user earns a reward (more information here).


How to use the security tokens

  • For existing apps:
    Both security tokens are now available for your use. For existing apps, both tokens will have the same value as the SDK token – so you don’t need to change anything and your integration will continue to work as usual. If you want to change either token, you can find them in the App Settings page in the Fyber Dashboard.
  • For new apps created in the Fyber Dashboard:
    New apps will have a separate SDK and serverside callback token generated, so you will need to use each of these values to integrate your app and respond to the callbacks we send to your server.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager.

The Fyber Product Team


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