New whitepaper: Kickstart your User Acquisition Strategy with Mobile Video Campaigns

Mobile User Acquisition Whitepaper

For app advertisers, building and releasing a great app is only half the battle.  Maximizing app discoverability and acquiring loyal users is the key to an app’s long-term success. As the mobile advertising industry rapidly scales, user-initiated rewarded video has changed the landscape for mobile user acquisition advertising. These native in-app placements offer a unique experience because they provide value to users in return for their engagement.

In our latest whitepaper, Kickstart your User Acquisition Strategy with Mobile Video Campaigns, we explore best practices for app advertisers to:

  • Ensure that the supply partner they work with supports comprehensive inventory solutions specializing in mobile.
  • Utilize creative variables within a video trailer to optimize the user’s ad experience.
  • Improve ad performance by getting their messages in front of the right audience to encourage engagement.

Download the white paper here.

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