Next Games uses mobile ads to engage players and generate over 40% of total revenue


Next Games is a Helsinki-based games studio founded in 2013 by a team of industry veterans representing market leaders such as Rovio, Supercell, and Disney. From the outset, Next Games saw mobile ad monetization strategy as an integral part of their overall business strategy for their title, Compass Point: West™, a visually-rich 3D action strategy game set in the Wild West. As a result, they were thoughtful not only in selecting a mobile ad monetization partner, but also in deciding how to integrate ads into their overall gameplay. In our latest case study, we take an in-depth look at the deep video ad integration that Next Games developed for Compass Point: West, and how they employed card collection mechanics to increase ad engagement and deliver an experience that was both delightful and compelling for the user. We’ll explore how Next Games achieved:

    • 40% of overall revenues from ads
    • $0.05 ARPDAU (average revenue per daily active user)
    • 60% of DAU (daily active users) engaging with at least one video ad
    • 4-5 average video completions per user
    • Specific mentions of video ads from approx. 10% of users that left a positive App Store review

We’ll also take a detailed look at the key takeaways from Next Game’s strategic approach to monetization and discuss how developers can:

    • Create a reward mechanism that drives ad engagement, while offering value and fun to the user
    • Integrate ads into the core loop of their game
    • Complement, rather than deter, IAP (in-app purchases)

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