Let’s talk Offer Wall: Lessons learned from Socialpoint

As a highly customizable advertising product for developers, the Offer Wall provides an opt-in experience for users to gain in-app currency, complementary to in-app purchases, and most importantly, plays a critical role in a monetization manager’s ad strategy. 


Just ask Sofia Gilyazova, Socialpoint’s Head of Ad Monetization. Housing some legendary titles, such as Dragon City and Monster Legends, Socialpoint is known for creating innovative, engaging games that foster a loyal player base and community. After years of finding great success with the Offer Wall ad format, we wanted in on the secret sauce of their strategy.

Fyber’s VP Business Operations, So-Eun Park sat down with Sofia Gilyazova for a dive deep into their Offer Wall strategy, tactics and lessons learned on how to create a winning incremental revenue stream for your app.


Insightful Offer Wall lessons we learned from Socialpoint: 

The investment and results between Rewarded Video and Offer Wall differ

Rewarded Videos tend to pop up during key moments in the game when a booster, revival, extra currency, etc., is required for the player to progress in the game. Once the player watches the video to completion, they receive the reward. The request is quick and simple. 


Offer Wall, on the other hand, is an entirely different ball game. Users choose and commit to a more time-consuming and sometimes complex task that could take a few minutes or up to a few days to complete. 


In addition to the incremental revenue generated from both ad formats, the investment and results for developers differ. Sofia explains, ”it’s true this ad format [Offer Wall] pulls in higher eCPMs for developers, but it also demands a lot more time and education for users to understand what is needed and the requirements for the rewards”.

So-Eun raised a helpful tip for developers on how to avoid cannibalization between rewarded video and offer wall.


Strategies for effectively integrating Offer Wall into your game

Implement multiple access points to maximize engagement rate

To attract users to the Offer Wall, the placement of an entry point is essential to encourage maximum engagement and conversion of your game’s offer wall. For new users, in particular, developers need to ensure that the entry point is accessible, easy to spot, and creates curiosity. It helps to think about where in the gameplay users will be requiring the extra currency and that might be an ideal place to trigger an access point to the Offer Wall.



Make the Offer Wall your own with a customizable look and feel  

Customization is key. When users access the Offer Wall, they might feel like they’re leaving the game or their progress – a key part of a users’ journey to consider. Make them feel at home. Reflecting your app’s natural UX/UI with tailor-made design features maintains consistency, enhances gameplay and improves the users’ experience. 

Filter, select or block the offer types for user segments

The access point was good, the look and feel is there – but how can you ensure that the user has a good experience with the Offer Wall? By catering it to their current needs within the game. The offer wall can be overwhelming for new users, especially with the variety of offer types and requirements. To resolve this, Fyber offers developers the ability to filter, select, or block which offer types they want to show to users. As users progress and play more often, it becomes more opportune to present more difficult offers with higher payouts to customize the user experience.

Run Virtual Currency Sales to compliment your monetization strategy

The VCS is a limited-time event, a “special offer”, aimed at boosting performance for publishers and advertisers alike – allowing users to earn double or triple virtual currency for completing the same offers. With peaks in user traffic over weekends and holidays, Offer Wall publishers can enjoy more than 80% revenue and eCPMs increase, as users become more incentivized to complete offers, enjoying higher rewards.


Final thoughts from Sofia: 


“Look at your IAP, rewarded video, and general monetization strategy holistically, because there are so many different and dynamic users, especially in the post-IDFA world. Consider all types of segments you have and allow everyone a possibility to enjoy your game. Try it out and A/B test the hell out of it”.


Watch the full interview for more valuable insights and best practices



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