New on Offer Wall Edge: Hit your ROAS goals with source-level ROAS measurement directly from your campaign dashboard

In the ever-changing reality of mobile growth marketers, one basic rule always holds true – the easier it is to close the loop between insights and optimization, the better the campaign will perform. Holding true to this approach, Fyber recently launched new Micro-Bidding capabilities in our self-serve Advertisers Control Panel (ACP Edge) to enable easy adjustment of bids per app and per country. Advertisers who switched their campaign setup to micro-bidding were able to improve CPI rates by 20% to 30%. 


Today, we’re announcing the next wave of improvements to our campaign management dashboard – meaning advertisers can now feed IAP revenue back to ACP Edge, closing the loop between spend and revenue and therefore enabling accurate, granular campaign optimization on the go. Advertisers who will forward postbacks from their Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) of choice, will gain visibility to two new metrics on the ACP Edge micro-bidding dashboard – IAP and ROAS. These metrics are available at the app, country, offer, and program level, reflecting the returns generated by users acquired through Fyber’s Offer Wall Edge.


Until today, advertisers had no choice but to track campaign performance on one platform (e.g. their MMP), while campaign setup and optimization were done on a different platform. This inefficient back and forth made optimization both more time consuming and more prone to human error.


IAP Revenue and ROAS yield insightful information for advertisers about a user acquisition campaign’s standing, allowing them to optimize bids accurately and at an unmatched level of granularity. This gives advertisers complete control over the success of their campaign. 


Fyber’s new release allows advertisers to measure the quality of users acquired from Fyber’s inventory and streamlines the campaign optimization data by providing advertisers with up-to-date data of users’ performance in the same place they make bidding decisions.

To further enhance the optimization experience, a flexible search bar has been added to the Micro-Bidding section, to allow advertisers to quickly and easily find apps for which bids need to be adjusted. The flexible search bar also supports multi-app search, by simply adding a comma or space between each source ID or name.


These latest releases to Fyber’s platforms are the first of many on our road map. They aim to empower our clients to make the most of the campaigns they run with Fyber.


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