Open Measurement SDK drives brand demand through high viewability scores

Across Digital Turbine, support for the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Open Measurement SDK (OMSDK) has never been higher! Fyber Marketplace has been supporting OMSDK for a while now (Marketplace SDK 8.1+) and more publishers are enjoying the uplift in brand spend this improvement brings. For publishers leveraging AdColony’s SDK with Fyber Fairbid, OMSDK support provides instant access to award-winning brand demand around the globe as well.


Recap: What is Open Measurement SDK? 


Open Measurement SDK (OMSDK) is an industry standard (from the IAB Tech Lab) that enables advertising SDKs to support brand advertisers in measuring the viewability of their ad creatives. Viewability of ad creatives matters to advertisers because they want to ensure that their ads are seen by consumers.


OMSDK exceeding expectations

With Open measurement capabilities publishers should expect more brands buying their inventory, as traffic is signaled as viewable and measurable. We’ve dug into the data and saw that with the increase of adoption of OMSDK (SDK version 8.1+) there was a significant spike of two important metrics:


More brands are buying:


OMSDK enables brands to confidently buy more in-app inventory. So it’s no surprise that we’ve seen an increase in brand spend on OMSDK traffic – We see on average a 12% uplift in the number of brands buying Fyber Marketplace OMSDK inventory. The addition of OMSDK has allowed us to open up four additional demand sources.




Publishers adopting the OMSDK open access to top brand advertisers. Companies in a variety of verticals such as CPG, Commerce, Quick Serve Restaurants, Social and Retail all value OMSDK vetted and trusted viewable inventory, especially for rewarded video.


Brands are willing to pay more for measurable impressions:


It’s not just about the number of brands joining the party: with OMSDK, measurable traffic becomes more attractive and brands are willing to pay more for each viewable impression. Our data shows a significant uplift in spend across multiple verticals with some brands doubling and tripling spend since the release of OMSDK. 


In addition, we have seen an increase in response rate and the value of each bid request, with one of our top brand DSPs showing a 70% uplift in these metrics when comparing OMSDK versions to pre OMSDK versions. Some brands have even requested running their campaigns only on SDKs that support open measurement capabilities. Initial feedback is strong, with one of our demand partners seeing over 95% viewability scores across all newly measurable OMSDK supply.



Vetted by the leading media quality partners

We have also confirmed our top viewability scores with leading media quality partners, with Integral Ad Science (IAS) commenting: 



What’s next?

Our agency team at Digital Turbine works closely with global advertisers and tailors Private Marketplace deals (PMPs) based on advertiser needs. Now with increasing adoption publishers could be included in these deals and gain access to top brands. 


It is clear that adopting the OMSDK can improve revenue, increase transparency and trust between brands and app publishers by making sure ads are viewable and measurable. Be sure to update to the latest version to enjoy these results.


Interested in updating to the new SDK version? Reach out to us, we’re here to support!  

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