Our CEO on SponsorPay’s International Business Development

On Wednesday, on the heels of two exciting days at DLD in Munich, our CEO Andreas Bodczek gave a talk at the Unternehmerdinner (Entrepreneur’s dinner), a series of networking events organized by eventurecat Corporate Finance Advisors, law firm Osborne Clarke and SAP. For this latest installment of the Unternehmerdinner that took place in Cologne, Andreas was invited to reflect on SponsorPay’s internationalization efforts and associated challenges.

As a company with offices and business partners across Europe and the US, thinking and acting globally is in SponsorPay’s DNA. Here are a few highlights of Andreas’ message to an industry audience that was interested in learning more about SponsorPay’s success as a European startup conducting international business:

What does internationality mean for SponsorPay?

  • SponsorPay works with online games and MMO providers (Gameforge, Bigpoint and Perfect World, among others) as well as social games publishers (Playdom, Ubisoft, Weka Entertainment and many more) whose games and apps have a user base all over the world.
  • Our account managers build strong relations with local advertisers and also work with globally reputed brands to bring their products in front of social media and games audiences worldwide.
  • We offer customer service for our users in their native language.

How do we go about it?

  • Roll out presences in key geographies: We currently maintain three international offices (London, Paris and San Francisco) in addition to our headquarters in Berlin.
  • Adapt our product to different markets: To overcome barriers of language and culture and deal with varying stages of market opportunities, we develop individual strategies for each region.
  • Hire the best from all over the world: Our team comprises more than 70 employees from 27 countries and leading universities, including MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Oxford, Brown, UCLA, Humboldt, HEC Montréal, University of Bologna and RSM Erasmus, who are native speakers of 22 languages and dabble in a few others. Berlin, a melting pot of young professionals from all over the world, is a perfect fit for our purposes.

Why are we doing all this?

Internationality to us is not an end in itself. It serves the purpose of delivering a high quality experience for all stakeholders as well as ensures transparent and sustainable business for our global partners, clients and customers.

  • For publishers: Working with SponsorPay provides access to a one-stop-shop which offers virtual currency monetization without boundaries. Our regional expertise ensures optimized revenues on a global scale.
  • For advertisers: We understand the nuances of different markets and can therefore distribute campaigns effectively. Our account managers ensure that the messages address the right audiences in the right manner.
  • For users: They enjoy relevant regional offers and direct payment options as well as support, if necessary, in their native language.


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