We were on the PGC Connects Panel: Here’s what we learned from the Future Of Mobile Advertising chat

Pinch us, face-to-face events are back! We were so excited to be meeting and greeting our industry partners and friends at one of Europe’s leading B2B conferences – the Pocket Gamer Connects in London.  


Surrounded by top-tier businesses and talented individuals in the industry, Shalom Michaeli, Fyber’s Managing Director in EMEA, joined a highly anticipated panel tackling the big question – What is the future of mobile advertising – with fellow partners sharing diverse gazes into their 2022 crystal balls.


On the panel:

  • Daniel Helmhold, VP of Growth, Big Fish Games
  • Shalom Michaeli, Managing Director, EMEA, Fyber – A Digital Turbine Company
  • Will Melzer, VP, Sales EMEA, MOLOCO
  • Humberto Cimino, Head of Monetisation Gazeus Games
  • Kristan Rivers CEO & Co-founder AdInMo


Here are the ones they chatted about:


Top of mind trends for the next 12 months


With a panel ranging in expertise from both the brand and performance marketing sides to monetization and gaming publishers, each role in the ecosystem has a different trend they are anticipating in the coming year. 


From the standpoint of a gaming publisher – Humberto Cimino of Gazeus Games shares that the consolidation of mediation tools will be really important, as well as pushing for the full adoption of header bidding in ad networks and finally leaving waterfalls behind. Publishers will also want more transparency over the whole process and where the dollars are being taken. 


From the monetization and marketing sides, Shalom forecasts more brand demand partners tapping in and adopting additional technologies such as OMSDK, a tool that will enable transparency into what kind of supply brand demand partners are buying. Big Fish Games, Daniel Helmhold, sees the emergence of what a new form of brand marketing will look like that is conscious of the UA and performance realities that we live in, as well as, the impact that a brand can make. Will from MOLOCO brings it together by agreeing that transparency is a brand-safe environment, both from the supply and demand sides.


Is a strategy that utilizes a hybrid monetization important?


“Why wouldn’t it be if you could monetize from both ends of the spectrum”, Will from MOLOCO says, and continues to share that they’re seeing strong performance when it comes to hybrid casual games. While they still target high-value players that make IAPs, other users are driving ad revenue. Shalom agrees that it will continue. “I don’t think anyone can allow themselves to be that focused. The hybrid model has to exist and how publishers embed it relies mainly on the data they collect, smart user segmentation, what kind of technology they’re using from their partners, and smart adjustments”. 


The legacy belief behind adding ad formats in mid-core casual games still looms and collectively getting over it with education will shift the mindset. Adding non-intrusive advertising and figuring out at what point players will be receptive to ads will fulfill the gameplay loop, adds AdInMo’s Kristen Rivers. 


How are Rewarded Video and other ad formats going to perform?


Video is growing massively and embedding it into your game without impacting on retention, or maintaining retention and churn rates is the most important part. ‘You need to have strong platforms that enable you to give the right A/B testing to conduct those tests. In addition to that, embedding new ad formats such as brands will help with ad diversification and better user engagement since the performance (gaming ads) campaigns will continue dominating the lion’s share of publisher advertising revenues. Shalom explains. The competition we have on the programmatic is increasing, further pushing the prices up, therefore, validating advertisers’ ability to generate positive ROAS. This gives a lot of opportunities to engage with users and consumers in multiple different ways, making it a vital piece of the puzzle from a monetization perspective. 


Talking about the future – the Metaverse


“Mobile gaming is kind of the stepping stone to the Metaverse”, says AdInMos’ Kristan. Each panelist had slightly different views of how advertising will fit in and participate in the metaverse – in terms of monetization and UA – combined with the increasing internet speeds, 5G, and worldly events. How will our avatars be represented in the Metaverse and how will brands use the exposure to their advantage such as the clothes the avatar wears? Time will tell. 


Tips and resources these experts turn to 


The panel shared their go-to resources including the likes of Deconstructor of Fun, and, Pivot podcast, Henry Kissinger’s book On China, Start with Why by Simon Sinek, ColdFusion on YouTube, and Eric Seufert’s blog MobileDevMemo.


Here is an example of how Nespresso teamed up with AdColony’s mobile technology to increase brand consideration and purchase intent!


To learn more about how effective in-game ads are, Tom Simpson, AdColony’s senior vice president of AdColony shares his thoughts here.


To watch the full session

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