Preliminary Fyber FairBid results are making the holidays merrier for publishers

Have you heard about the header bidding concept that’s revolutionizing mobile apps? Are you part of the revolution, or are you still swimming in missed revenue opportunities by using a waterfall method?


In September 2018 we announced that Fyber FairBid is available to all publishers, a first-of-its-kind unified auction that brought the state of header bidding to the mobile app environment. All types of buyers now have access to a real-time auction where each ad impression is awarded to the highest bidder. What we’ve seen the last few months is exciting for publishers like you, including increased eCPMs, ARPDAU, and transparency into the value of each impression.


Why the improvements? Fyber FairBid was the industry-first platform to enable SDK ad networks to programmatically bid in real time alongside DSPs. As a result, publishers that have turned on these programmatic ad networks are making more money. We’ll provide more in-depth metrics after the New Year, but we want to share some preliminary results before the holidays. Initial indicators show app publishers are experiencing up to 21% increase in eCPM, and up to 26% increase in ARPDAU.


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The results shouldn’t be surprising when you think about it. These publishers went from monetizing with around 5 ad networks in a sequential, price-predicted waterfall, to having over 70 different buyers bid in real time on each ad impression. Furthermore, we expect eCPMs and ARPDAU to continue improving as more programmatic ad networks are added to Fyber FairBid.


Join the 1,950 apps that have already gone through the easy process of integrating the Fyber FairBid SDK. Reach out to us at [email protected], and we will be happy to answer your questions.


Stay tuned for more in the New Year and happy holidays!

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