Press Release: Lolapps,, VZnet, NHN USA And i-Jet Media Trust SponsorPay For Localized Monetization

BERLIN, Germany (July 14, 2010) – SponsorPay, Europe’s leading virtual currency monetization platform has announced new partnerships with industry leaders of social games publishers and social networks.

Lolapps,, VZnet, NHN USA and i-Jet media are the latest among hundreds of publishers who provide their users with SponsorPay’s transparent and localized ad offers as well as easy direct payment options. “We are very happy to work with such renowned partners and serve them with our powerful monetization tool that will most certainly boost their revenues to a new level”, said Janis Zech, co-founder & Managing Director of SponsorPay.

Lolapps is one of the main developers of social games and applications on Facebook, serving over 50 million active users per month. SponsorPay’s excellent localized performance and user-friendly approach have also convinced, a pioneer in casual gaming with a massive user base of more than 15 million monthly active users (MAU).

Gaming portal NHN USA and social games publisher i-Jet media have partnered with SponsorPay as part of their monetization strategy for traffic outside the US – an area of fast growing importance for social game providers. “The quality of SponsorPay’s localized offers clearly stands out. They are simply the best solution for monetizing traffic from all over the world”, said Daniel Chang, Vice President of Business Development at NHN USA.

SponsorPay also becomes the only monetization platform to offer ad-funded payments for social games of the VZnet Group (former StudiVZ ltd.), a popular European social network with 16.5 million users. “We have decided on SponsorPay because it is the only company that commits to 100% transparent, user-friendly offers and renowned partners. With SponsorPay’s innovative concept we can increase the revenues of our social gaming partners while users of the VZ networks experience real added value”, commented Sebastian Kriese, Manager Strategic Partnerships at VZnet.

SponsorPay’s existing clients include Gameforge, Bigpoint, Café.com and 6waves. Based in Berlin, Germany with offices in London, Paris and San Francisco, SponsorPay is the European market leader and rapidly expanding worldwide.

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