New Forms of Currency Acquisition Available in Through Cooperation With SponsorPay

Berlin, GERMANY – users make micropayments via virtual currency – Eurogabki (EGB). Thanks to cooperation with SponsorPay, users can fill their virtual pockets with EBG outside by completing offers from partners.

Until recently users could purchase virtual currency only via SMS or bank transfer. Now, they can acquire EGB through partners’ offers which can be found here. Users choose and complete an offer and the virtual currency is immediately transferred into his/her virtual pocket in Actions rewarded with EGB can be: registration on a webpage, purchasing products in online stores and subscribing to newsletters among many others. The platform which allows users to get EGB through the partners’ offers is supplied by SponsorPay.

“Only 2 months of working with SponsorPay proved that our cooperation is a success” said Krzysztof Dobrzynski, application platform development coordinator for” Our partners have gained new ways of approaching their clients, our users can get virtual currency and spend it in NK and we’ve gained a relevant source of income”. is growing rapidly in Poland. Most recently, the company has been developing its mobile footprint. Its mobile application for Android has been downloaded 10,000 times since its launch. Users of the app can access their mail, notifications, browse friends and photo galleries. Additionally, there is a very unique feature called “Phone Book.”  -a function that allows calling to a friend with NK directly from their profile.

Currently, is the 11th most popular website in Poland. In the summer of 2010, games were introduced to the social networking platform which includes: Pet Party, Icy Tower, Happy Harvest and Fairy Land.


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