Press Release: New Research Shows 72% of Consumers Welcome The Opportunity To Watch Sponsored Videos In Online Games; 84% Prefer The Channel To TV

BERLIN, Germany – A new study conducted by SponsorPay, the leading international cross-platform social advertising solution, found that consumers welcome the opportunity to watch sponsored videos in online games and not only recall these brands but also harbor positive sentiment towards them.

 According to the findings, 72% of consumers welcome the opportunity to earn virtual currency by watching branded videos. Of those who have previously watched videos, 87% would like to engage more with branded videos in games.

“Social, mobile and online games have become a mass phenomenon reaching hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide,” said Andreas Bodczek, CEO of SponsorPay. “Our vision is to build a new way for premium brands to interact with engaged users in an integrated, high-quality environment with global reach.”

SponsorPay’s innovative engagement marketing tool, BrandEngage, enables users to interact with brands in online games by watching video ads and playing advergames as well as completing short polls or sharing branded content. The study was conducted in November 2011 in the form of a survey among 10,000 SponsorPay users in the US and Western Europe.

Critical results of the research are as follows:

1. Consumers Enjoy Watching Branded Video To Earn Virtual Currency And Would Like More

72% welcome the opportunity to earn virtual currency by watching videos, indicating this is a preferred means of engagement with brands. Furthermore, 87% of users who have watched videos to earn virtual currency are eager to see more video offers.

2. Users Prefer To Interact With Brands Within Games Instead Of On TV

Consumers continue to become less receptive to advertising on traditional channels — 84% of users would rather watch video advertising in games than on TV.

3. Brands Receive Positive Spill-Over Effects From Sponsoring Video

There are a number of benefits that brands reap from placing branded video content in games:

  • 70% recall a brand that has sponsored virtual currency.
  • 61% prefer to buy products from a brand that sponsors virtual currency.
  • 54% would recommend a brand that sponsors virtual currency to their friends.
  • More than 50% regard brands that advertise in games as being innovative.

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