Press Release: SponsorPay And Smeet Boost Offer Revenues By 60% With In-World Integration; 21% Of Users Convert From Offers To Direct Payments

BERLIN, Germany (August 04, 2010) – SponsorPay, Europe’s leading monetization platform, has boosted offer revenues for 3D virtual world Smeet by 60% through effective in-game positioning. Additionally, 21% of previously non-paying users who completed SponsorPay offers were converted into paying customers.

“Smeet is an excellent example of user-friendly, in-game offer integration resulting in higher conversion and revenue generation. An increase in the number of paying users is the biggest revenue opportunity for most free-to-play gaming companies,” said Janis Zech, Managing Director and co-founder at SponsorPay.

The offers were optimized through in-world integration methods such as linking banners directly to SponsorPay’s iframe or placing promotional avatars in different locations within Smeet’s virtual world. Revenues from offers increased by 60% because user attention was directed at them during regular game play and not solely during the payment process. Through SponsorPay’s high quality offers, non-paying users were introduced to the concept of acquiring virtual currency. With this deep level of integration, Smeet was able to reach out to those users who would otherwise not have participated in the payment process.

“The conversion effect is especially astonishing,” said Sebastian Funke, Smeet’s CEO and co-founder. “Thanks to SponsorPay, we experienced a massive inflow of new paying customers – about one-fifth of the users who received Smeet Coins with free offers from SponsorPay later returned to purchase Coins using PayPal, PaybyCall, SMS, credit cards or other options. The number of paying customers increased significantly. This proves that SponsorPay is not only a strong addition but actually boosts our regular payment options.”

In Smeet’s multi-user social game, users can meet others, create their own avatars or rooms and get to know each other by playing games, watching videos together, earning points, competing against each other in different levels as well as communicating via text or voice chat. SponsorPay provides Smeet’s 3 million-plus members in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Poland with free Coins for taking part in localized advertising offers from trusted partners.

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