Press Release: SponsorPay Announces New International Partnerships With Gamania, Mail.Ru And Viximo

BERLIN, Germany (December 08, 2010) – SponsorPay, Europe’s leading virtual currency monetization platform, has announced new partnerships with global online games publishers Gamania and Mail.Ru as well as social games distribution company Viximo.

With Mail.Ru Games, SponsorPay has added the largest player in the Russian online games and services sector to its portfolio of partners and is now featured in popular browser and client games such as “Legend: Legacy of the Dragons”.

“We are convinced we have made a supreme choice by selecting SponsorPay as our primary offer wall partner”, said Alexander Goldybin, CEO of Mail.Ru Games GmbH. “The great quality of offers combined with wide geographic coverage is very impressive”, he added.

Viximo’s platform helps developers distribute and monetize social games across multiple social networks, such as BlackPlanet, Quepasa, Bebo, IMVU and others, reaching more than 60 million users worldwide.

“We are publishing top tier social games to a number of networks in Europe and South America. SponsorPay is the best possible monetization partner in this regard. They truly understand and cater to the diverse audience of international markets”, said Brian Balfour, co-founder and VP Product Marketing at Viximo.

SponsorPay’s new cooperation with Gamania and Mail.Ru Games also highlights the company’s international focus. “We are happy to win Gamania, Mail.Ru Games and Viximo as partners who think just as globally as we do. This will further accelerate SponsorPay’s growth”, said Janis Zech, co-founder and Managing Director at SponsorPay.

Pan-Asian gaming giant Gamania entered the Western market last year. “As Gamania expands beyond the well established markets in Asia, including Taiwan Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and China, working with SponsorPay for local advertising offers is the next logical step. We are looking forward to further international growth with them”, said David Wong, COO at Gamania (US).

SponsorPay already provides localized advertising and direct payment services for hundreds of renowned premium publishers including Disney (Playdom), Ubisoft, Bigpoint, 6waves, Perfect World and IMVU. The company is focused on monetizing international traffic and became the European market leader in February 2010 with the acquisition of competitor GratisPay.

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