Press Release – SponsorPay in 2011: 125% Revenue Growth, Team Expands To 110+, European Leader For In-Game Advertising Extends Presence In US & Asia

New Products: BrandEngage And Mobile,
New Subsidiaries: US And Japan

BERLIN, Germany  – SponsorPay, the leading cross-platform in-game advertising company, announced today that it achieved 125% YoY revenue increase in 2011. This growth was fueled by deepened relationships with key clients as well as the launch of two new products: BrandEngage, tapping into the fast-growing video advertising and brand engagement market, as well as a mobile CPA (mCPA) and Android pay-per-install network. SponsorPay is on track for equally strong growth in 2012.

SponsorPay expanded last year to over 110+ employees in seven locations, including new offices in New York, Tokyo and Istanbul to support operations in Berlin (HQ), London, Paris and San Francisco. As a testament to its commitment to localization, the company established subsidiaries in the US and Japan.

“We are extremely pleased with what we accomplished in 2011 and are continuing our 100% growth trajectory into the new year. As we look to 2012, we are very eager to harness the full potential of our mobile product suite as well as expand upon our advertiser relationships with BrandEngage,” said Andreas Bodczek, CEO and co-founder of SponsorPay. “Our ambition is to become the largest platform for brand and performance advertising in games, globally.”

BrandEngage is SponsorPay’s innovative social video and brand engagement platform that enables users to interact with brands in online and social games by watching, ‘liking’ and sharing video ads and other branded content as well as completing short polls. “SponsorPay’s advertising platform is a powerful instrument to boost brand awareness and take advantage of the tremendous potential presented by social media,” said Patrick Stärz, Cooperations Marketing Manager at EOL Intermedia who have been working with SponsorPay on engagement campaigns for brands such as Vodafone. “SponsorPay is a valued partner for effective video distribution to engaged social audiences,” agreed Steve Dorey, Media Director at Unruly.

The launch of BrandEngage in summer last year met with resounding success including an exclusive relationship with online games juggernaut Bigpoint and partnerships with leading publishers Digital Chocolate,, Spil Games, GameDuell and FlowPlay, among others. “BrandEngage provides us with the best possible solution and SponsorPay has a proven track record of delivering superior performance,” remarked Nils-Holger Henning, CCO and CMO at Bigpoint.

SponsorPay also introduced an advanced mobile monetization platform that gained tremendous traction and contributed significantly to the company’s growth. “Our mobile pay-per-install and mobile-optimized CPA network is growing at a staggering rate, surpassing all expectations. We’re very happy to partner with industry leading developers and brands to help them monetize their mobile apps at higher eCPMs and distribute them at lower costs,” added Janis Zech, CRO and co-founder of SponsorPay.

Last year, SponsorPay received commendation from several prestigious awards organizations including Red Herring and White Bull. The company’s achievements in 2011 build on its success in 2010 and lay the foundation for a promising 2012.

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