Press Release: SponsorPay’s New Offer-Based Monetization Suite Drives Revenue Growth For Publishers With Innovative Deep Integration Techniques

Berlin, GERMANY (June 23, 2011) – SponsorPay, Europe’s leading offer-based payments platform, has introduced its exclusive Monetization Suite for publishers. This new portfolio of products includes advanced integration techniques and a redesigned offer wall for revenue maximization. The Monetization Suite is powered by SponsorPay’s high quality offer inventory from hundreds of advertiser partners worldwide.

“We’ve been excited about integrating offers more strategically into our partners’ games and apps to boost revenues as well improve the user experience. Our latest products have been extremely successful on both counts,” said Janis Zech, Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder at SponsorPay.

SponsorPay’s offer-based Monetization Suite includes the following products:

1. Offer Banner

Offer Banners dynamically display the most relevant offers for users and are designed to be fully integrated into the game experience. Showcasing special deals to users have increased revenues up to 11x and generated tens of thousands dollars for some partners. “We are very pleased with the revenue increase we have experienced,” said Vincent Vergonjeanne, VP Products and Strategy and co-founder at French Facebook game publisher Kobojo who regularly run successful banner campaigns with SponsorPay.

SponsorPay’s design team develops optimized ad creatives based on branding objectives and individual game or app interfaces. The company’s ranking and targeting algorithm automatically selects the most appropriate campaigns.  Johannes Kreibohm, CEO and founder of social app publisher Plinga, is also very happy with the results. “The integration matches the unique look and feel of our apps like ‘Pet Party’. Users actively seek the banners because the manner in which they are addressed is both relevant and trustworthy,” he explained.

2. Offer Bar

Offer Bar

The clever Offer Bar is a prominent and yet unobtrusive notification mechanism that is shown dynamically at the top of the screen and presents targeted campaigns to users. Since it does not require fixed space on a website, it enhances the visibility of advertising offers in a convenient manner with no opportunity cost. The presentation, features and behavior can be entirely adapted to a publisher’s individual needs.

“This solution is a perfect fit for us – more of our users discover offers without interrupting their activity in our 3D social community,” said Daniel Bülhoff, COO and co-founder at Smeet. “Since implementing the Offer Bar, we have seen an immediate and consistent growth in revenue of 30% from offers.”

3. Offer Widget

Offer Widget

Another original product, the Offer Widget is ideal for publishers to integrate offers without making any changes to their existing service. This in-game overlay brings a single, focused offer directly to users’ attention within any application. The publisher exerts complete control over the position, styling and frequency of appearance.

“The Offer Widget helps us promote interesting campaigns to our users without encroaching on our game’s real estate. We love that we can mold the notifications to our needs,” said Sergey Sholom, CEO at Datcroft Corporation, publisher of MMO Fragoria.

4. Offer Wall

Offer Wall

SponsorPay has also revamped its best-in-class Offer Wall, after conducting a usability project with human-computer interaction professionals and academics, running extensive A/B tests as well as evaluating internal data and metrics. With these changes, bounce rates are at an all-time low and conversion rates have also peaked.

“SponsorPay’s performance was phenomenal. We were amazed by the tremendous jump in revenues,” commented Alex Norström, Chief Business Development Officer at where SponsorPay outperformed six other offer providers.

“As a company, our focus is on delivering the highest quality to our partners. To achieve this, we consistently analyze and solicit feedback on our performance. Our Monetization Suite has been built around our clients’ input and we are proud to give publishers the most flexible and powerful monetization solution available in the market,” explained Markus Knoke, Chief Technology Officer at SponsorPay.

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