Rewarded Video: Key to Monetizing Global Traffic

Melsoft Games is the casual game company behind the extremely successful Toy Defense franchise.

In mid-2015, the company remastered Toy Defense 2. In addition to updating the game’s visualToy Defense 2 elements and gameplay, Melsoft Games also wanted an improved monetization strategy.

There were two main goals:

  • Monetize users in countries like China that had previously not been exposed to the game
  • Increase ad revenue without creating a negative player experience  

Having worked with interstitials in the past, the company knew they wanted an ad unit that was more interactive and engaging for players with the relaunch. The solution was Rewarded Video ads.

3 Key Takeaways for App Monetization Success

  • Integrate Rewarded Video in a way that enhances the player experience. Find the most natural and engaging ways to incorporate ads. With Toy Defense 2, for example, Melsoft Games gave players the opportunity to transfer their best troops to the next mission in exchange for watching a video.
  • Create rewards that encourage interaction. The right reward is unique to each game. In Toy Defense 2, players could watch video to get an additional daily bonus, as well as the opportunity to increase their reward at the end of each mission.

Toy Defense 2 monetization

  • Choose a mediation provider that can optimize and deliver international demand. Manually selecting regional networks is an inefficient way to monetize global traffic. By working with a mediation provider that offered agnostic access to high-quality demand from around the world, Melsoft Games was able to successfully earn revenue for the global audience playing Toy Defense 2.

The results were impressive — with $20-$25 eCPMs in the target region of China, a stream of positive player feedback, and increased ad revenue for Toy Defense 2 overall.

Download a copy of the case study here.

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