SDK Release Notes July 2017: Rewarded Video Caching


We’re continuously working with publishers like yourself to optimize our monetization platform SDK in order to deliver improvements to the ad experience. Today we are pleased to announce our newest SDK release, which includes enhancements to ad fill and rewarded video caching that you and your customers will love.

Better Rewarded Video Caching

When a user wants to engage in a rewarded video ad, it’s extremely important to avoid video latency and to have an ad available right away. Here at Fyber, we’re always striving to cache and serve video ads as fast as possible. In our recent release, we further streamlined our rewarded video caching technology. Video ads load quicker and data usage on a viewer’s device is reduced.

In testing, publishers have experienced significant improvements in the fill rate. Additionally, publishers have also seen a rise in the rate of videos being viewed from a cache by 30%, meaning faster serving of videos and rewards to your audience.

Not Just Videos, but Banners and Interstitials Too

With the latest Fyber SDK release, we also took a look at our ad mediation for banners and interstitials. We have further optimized our mediation algorithm to cycle back through the waterfall of demand sources to check for a fill. By securing a fill where there previously was not one available, or identifying a higher paying one, we improve the fill rate and payout for our publishers.

How to Upgrade

This is a minor release which does not require an integration change. Our publishers only need to upgrade to at least SDK 8.14.0 and you can begin enjoying the advantages of Fyber’s optimized ad request logic. Click below to upgrade now:

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