SponsorPay And zanox Deepen Their Relationship For International Social Performance Advertising With First-Class Traffic Quality

SponsorPay, Europe’s leading social performance advertising platform, and zanox, the leading performance advertising network in Europe, are strengthening their successful cooperation towards international expansion and mobile platforms.

As one of the early providers of performance campaigns in online games and social media, SponsorPay has cooperated with zanox since inception in 2009. The company offers advertisers a platform to present their brand and products to social media users worldwide and has a solid foothold in a dynamic and fast-paced market. SponsorPay’s innovative ad-funded payment solution gives online users access to virtual currency or premium features through participation in targeted advertising offers. The advertiser ‘sponsors’ in-game progress of players and benefits from unique brand exposure as well as the building of positive brand sentiment.

“Our advertisers see significantly higher conversion compared to other channels due to the engaging nature of the entertainment environment and positive spillover effects on their brand,” explained Per Meurling, Director Advertiser Operations at SponsorPay.

High volumes meet high quality traffic

SponsorPay not only delivers a high number of transactions but has also optimized the quality of its traffic by developing its platform based on past experiences.  “Because of the extraordinary high volumes of the channel, we had to learn a few early lessons about ensuring the best traffic quality in a consistent fashion,“ reflected Meurling. “We have since successfully translated our experiences into better features and best-in-class customer service. Traffic quality is now our strongest asset.”

Besides a high degree of transparency, the advertising platform also provides efficient fraud prevention. To this end, the methods deployed include device fingerprints, user checks and encrypted check signatures. In addition, individual targeting options have also been added very recently.

“Their international focus, high quality consciousness, very professional account management and long-term vision – hard to find in this fast-paced market – make SponsorPay an important partner for us,” said Christian Kleinsorge, Chief Sales Officer at zanox.

Versatile product portfolio for diverse objectives

SponsorPay’s wide portfolio of products lets zanox advertisers achieve diverse goals with campaign formats such as cost-per-lead, cost-per-sale, cost-per-click, cost-per-view and cost-per-install:

  • Shopping: E-commerce and couponing providers acquire new customers and boost their sales.
  • Surveys: Companies gain easy access to a large number of participants for market research and develop specific panels for different products/services.
  • Trials: Online entertainment services like video, games and software download providers run trial campaigns amongst an entertainment-savvy target audience.
  • Engagement: Big brands reach customers directly, spread their message virally among highly engaged users of social networks and also benefit from positive branding.

Regional expertise and communication of utmost importance

The close cooperation between SponsorPay and zanox over the past few years has catapulted the steady growth. The publisher is active in, among others, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Scandinavia and continues to register steady growth. Both companies place emphasis on ensuring transparency and providing excellent service.

“We’re glad zanox shares our philosophy regarding building long-term relationships. Clear and constant communication with advertisers helps us manage expectations, monitor campaigns and deliver on our promises. Consequently, our clients not only meet but also frequently exceed their objectives,” observed Meurling.

SponsorPay and zanox, through these combined efforts, have rapidly established virtual currency sponsorship as one of the most efficient and effective performance marketing channels. Their foray into mobile markets promises new opportunities for advertisers to take advantage of innovative cross-platform strategies.


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