SponsorPay at dmexco: Networking, Growing, Socializing

Last week, we were attendees at dmexco, the premier advertising event that brings together agencies, brands, advertisers and individuals from all different industries.

Network, Network, Network

Those of us in the B2B world know the importance of networking and generating leads, and dmexco is the prime occasion to fraternize with industry contacts. From a business standpoint, the event was very fruitful for us. Our advertiser team’s itinerary was booked, whether it was cultivating new relationships at our booth or discussing business with potential clients in meetings.

Not only are events like this important for landing new accounts, they are also crucial in developing pre-existing partnerships. Our reach at SponsorPay spans the globe so that means that we have clients from all over the world. While having such an expansive network is great, it doesn’t always give us an opportunity to interact in person.

“It’s very valuable to meet people face-to-face. A five minute conversation with someone is a lot more productive than sending seven or eight emails,” says Per Meurling, Director Advertiser Operations. “This type of interaction gives you the opportunity to develop a rapport with one another.”

Our Growing Brand

This being our third time participating at dmexco, we have noticed a few things. The most significant difference between this conference and those of the past was the number of individuals who were aware of SponsorPay.

“This year it was a lot easier to network because people know who we are,” says Nicole Winzer, Advertiser Key Account Manager. “We now have a much larger name within the industry.”

This is not only a testament to those who have participated in past events such as dmexco, but a tribute to everyone here who has helped SponsorPay grow from a small startup to an international industry leader.


Although these events are important for business, they are also a lot of fun to attend. Everyone here at SponsorPay enjoys meeting and interacting with new people.

As for one of our favorite parts of the conference, it was sharing a booth with other Berlin startups. We are proud to be a part of the technological uprising here in Silicon Allee. What did we offer our guests? Currywurst and beer, of course.


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