SponsorPay Demonstrates The Benefits Of Value-Exchange To Key Brands In Paris

SponsorPay was invited today by Viuz, a thought leadership website on Social, Media & Apps, to present a keynote on valueexchange advertising to key brand marketers such as Orange, Coca-Cola, Renault and Unilever.

Mael Thomas, our French country head, demonstrated to the audience how brands can take advantage of online, social and mobile gaming to engage with their consumers. Because the contract between consumers and brands is explicit and rewarded in the value-exchange advertising model, marketers could see first hand the effective results of the French BrandEngage® campaigns.

The president of Unilever France gave the closing note where he confirmed the importance of gaming as a tool to reach specific targets. The key criterion for him is that the gaming mechanism used is in line with the audience, e.g. for Axe. As we ran a very successful campaign for this brand in France, we couldn’t agree more!

French event pic

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