Press Release: SponsorPay Doubles Volume In The First Half Of 2011, Sees Predicted Growth Via Video As Well As Expansion In The US And Brazil

BERLIN, Germany (August 04, 2011) – SponsorPay, the leading international social advertising platform, announced today that the number of transactions on its platform have doubled in the first six months of 2011. This growth was powered by the company’s ever-increasing portfolio of advertising products as well as accelerated progress in the US and Brazilian markets.

“As the company with the greatest international selection of partners and the most comprehensive cross-platform solution, SponsorPay is well-positioned to play a pivotal role in this fast developing industry,” commented Andreas Bodczek, CEO and co-founder at SponsorPay.

SponsorPay’s new products, such as BrandEngage, enable advertisers to interact with engaged users of social networks and virtual worlds using videos, advergames and other branded content. As the company had predicted earlier this year, these formats have been powerful drivers of growth. At the same time, new partnerships outside Europe have boosted SponsorPay’s global audience.

In the US, which has the highest concentration of social and mobile gamers, SponsorPay has gained significant traction, signing top publishers and expanding its ad inventory. “The advantage of SponsorPay over other providers is their consistently great offer quality. Not only do they lead the European market, we were also overwhelmed by their excellent performance in the US,” said Celia Francis, CEO at WeeWorld, the social engagement platform for teens and women.

In Brazil, which has Latin America’s largest online audience, SponsorPay has the largest footprint among offer providers with local account managers building close relationships on both the publisher and advertiser sides of the business.  “SponsorPay is part of a select group. They deliver strong results and are always willing to help.  We have built a solid and successful partnership with them,” said Flavia Soares, Affiliate Network Manager at Hi-Mídia Brazil, a major advertiser network. “SponsorPay is one of our best partners,” added Marlon B. Nogueira, Affiliate Manager ClickMagic, another large performance advertising network in the country.

Brazil’s online population continues to grow at an amazing rate with more than half the households now owning computers, up from just 26% last year. The virtual goods market is expected to double within the next three years, from $165M today to $320M by 2014. Localization is a key factor for a game’s success in Brazil, beyond translations to original content as well as local direct and offer-based payment methods. “SponsorPay provides us with the best offers from local partners that are most attractive for our users,” said Glaucio Marques, Business Manager at MMO publisher Level Up! Games.

“With a population of 190 million and amazing GDP growth rates, Brazil is one of the most exciting places to be at the moment. We’re happy to be a part of this early development in the online advertising and virtual currency industry here,” commented Janis Zech, Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder at SponsorPay.

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