Press Release: SponsorPay Establishes Tokyo-Based Subsidiary, Partnership with LinkShare JP to Secure Leadership in Japan

Berlin, GERMANY / Tokyo, JAPAN – SponsorPay, the leading global cross-platform social advertising solution, is continuing its international expansion with the establishment of a subsidiary in Japan, SponsorPay K.K., as well as close cooperation with regional ad network LinkShare JP.

With local relationships being a key success factor in Asia, SponsorPay’s Japanese team will focus on driving business development in the region. The company’s set up of a Japanese subsidiary comes hot on the heels of the foundation of US-based SponsorPay Inc. announced last month. According to the Japan Online Game Association (JOGA), the country’s social games market saw $2.98 billion of revenue in 2010 while other online games generated $1.68 billion. “With the Japanese smartphone industry also surging ahead and a booming mobile app economy, the country presents tremendous opportunity,” commented Sodan Selvaretnam, CFO at SponsorPay.

LinkShare JP is supporting SponsorPay in their efforts by providing access to local campaigns from their extensive advertising network in the region. “LinkShare is an experienced and dependable partner of choice for our international expansion. We look forward to working with them to establish market leadership in Japan as we have elsewhere,” remarked Andreas Bodczek, CEO at SponsorPay. LinkShare’s e-commerce, media and smartphone advertising network operates worldwide and the company has already collaborated successfully with SponsorPay in the US and Europe.

SponsorPay currently sees large volumes of Japanese traffic through global publisher partners, such as Gala Net, Aeria Games and Bigpoint as well as virtual worlds IMVU and WeeWorld, for whom the company has already achieved excellent results in Europe and the US. The Japanese subsidiary and partnership with LinkShare JP will further enhance SponsorPay’s footprint in the region and enable it to take command of the market.

“As a part of our global development, we are happy to partner with SponsorPay, a reputably successful company in the social advertising space, and offer compelling new business opportunities to our existing Japanese clients,” said Tsukasa Kobayashi, co-president and CEO of LinkShare Japan.


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