SponsorPay Gives The Scoop On Gen Y


German broadcasting station dradio.de has published a podcast on Generation Y, featuring an interview with our very own Ben Jeger. Ben is the Director of Mobile Advertiser Relations here at SponsorPay, and as a 2-year SponsorPay veteran he was able to speak at length about the Gen Y vibe that defines our company culture. A few of the most interesting points from the interview are:

  • Gen Y career timelines are more variable than those of previous generations. Gen Y-ers rarely stay at their jobs for more than 5 years, preferring to gain new skills from different experiences at new companies.
  • Money is not the end goal for Millennials, who care more about feeling challenged, making an impact, maintaining flexibility with their schedules, and working alongside smart and interesting people.
  • Start-ups are good at incubating a Gen Y-friendly cultures, but more established companies have a ways to go before they understand how to interact with Millennial employees.

Read the transcript and listen to the full-length podcast (in German!) here.

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