SponsorPay Grows BrandEngage Audience to 85+ Million Monthly Users, Processes 10+ Million Video Requests Daily

BERLIN, Germany – SponsorPay announced today that its advertising platform BrandEngage now reaches a worldwide audience of more than 85+ million monthly users, just nine months after inception. The platform now services over 10 million daily video requests from users in the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, among others.

Launched in July last year, BrandEngage is an innovative advertising platform driving customized cost-per-view (CPV) and brand engagement campaigns in social and online games as well as other entertainment portals. Since then, SponsorPay has developed close partnerships with leading publishers, including Bigpoint, Digital Chocolate, King.com, GameDuell, Aeria Games and Spil Games, among others, to ensure brand advertisers can present their campaigns to high-quality users the world over. Efficient targeting and unique engagement tools – including social sharing and survey participation – ensure industry-leading results such as completion rates consistently over 90% as well as sharing and click-through rates above 35%.

SponsorPay’s partners have been extremely pleased with the platform’s abilities. “SponsorPay is a valued partner for effective video distribution to engaged social audiences,” said Steve Dorey, Media Director at social video company Unruly.

The viral capabilities of BrandEngage, which enable branded content to be distributed organically across social networks, are among the platform’s greatest benefits. “BrandEngage is right in line with what agencies and brands are looking for to engage users in the social video space,” said Justin Loresco, Marketing Strategist at iMedia Communications.

Social and online games have increasingly become a mainstream channel for brand advertisers and agencies primarily because of their massive global reach of over 450+ million users (based on a recent study by industry research boutique Newzoo). The attractive demographics of the players – according to a recent study by research firm Harris Interactive, 55% are female and 56% are between the ages of 18 and 44 – ensure brands reach their desired target groups, and research shows players are eager to engage with brands in games.

BrandEngage enables users to consume, share and interact with branded content while simultaneously ensuring advertisers have complete insight into and control over where their campaigns are distributed, thereby maintaining complete brand safety. The engagement abilities enable brands to drive users to complete relevant actions, such as buying a movie ticket, participating in test drives or sampling products, after watching a video ad.

“The success of BrandEngage is testament to the growing importance of social and online games for brand and engagement advertising, but this is only the beginning,” said Andreas Bodczek, CEO and co-founder of SponsorPay. “We are excited at the prospect of developing the product to drive further value for our advertiser partners.”

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