SponsorPay Launches First Non-Rewarded Ad Format, Interstitial Ads, for iOS & Android

As ad monetization strategies grow ever more sophisticated, SponsorPay empowers developers to combine in-app ad formats for maximum revenue.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 13, 2014 – SponsorPay, a leading mobile supply-side platform, today announced newly added support for Interstitial Ads on iOS and Android. The announcement marks the first time SponsorPay is offering a non-rewarded ad format to developers, a natural step forward in empowering developers to build advanced ad monetization strategies based on a wide variety of ad formats. With several ad networks on board including AppLift, Appia, InMobi, Millennial Media, and more in the pipeline, SponsorPay expects that its developers will see high-quality results very quickly.

SponsorPay’s Interstitial Ad support is advantageous for developers, who are increasingly turning to ad monetization strategies for revenue as freemium apps continue to dominate the app store. Gartner predicts that 94.5 percent of apps will be free by 2017, a clear sign that in-app monetization is the future of the app economy. Accordingly, developers are starting to build more sophisticated ad monetization strategies that incorporate multiple ad formats across a unified SDK integration.

“There’s huge value for developers to be able to access a wide variety of ad networks through supply-side platforms,” said Dr. Hanno Fichtner, CEO of AppLift US. “We’re excited to partner with SponsorPay as they continue to extend flexibility to developers, empowering them to further maximize their monetization opportunities through an easy solution.”

Interstitial Ads have produced up to a 9x increase in eCPMs and 7x increase in conversions for app developers across Europe and the United States, according to results published by InMobi in August 2013. Static interstitials, according to inMobi, provide click-through rates as high as 20 percent. These numbers shed light on the extremely high performance of Interstitial Ads in today’s mobile advertising market.

“Increasingly, we’re noticing that mobile developers want cloud-based software for centralizing all ad monetization needs,” said Janis Zech, CRO & Co-Founder of SponsorPay. “This drove our decision to introduce Interstitial Ad support to our sell-side platform, empowering our partners to strike direct agreements with leading interstitial networks in order to grow their businesses on top of Rewarded Video and Offer Wall ad revenues.”

Developers mediating Interstitial Ads through SponsorPay’s platform will be able to access brand-specific and app-specific demand on a global scale, thanks to the diversity of the supported ad networks available. Developers using SponsorPay will also maintain the freedom to choose the ad networks that fit their strategy, an option that allows them to maximize revenues with unparalleled flexibility.

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