SponsorPay Launches Ad Mediation Platform, Partners See 30-40% Increase In eCPMs

New ad mediation solution mediates performance advertising, app install, video and engagement campaigns from 50+ top agencies, DSPs and networks worldwide, as well as the company’s direct sales teams in the US, Europe and Asia

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA– SponsorPay, the leading value-exchange advertising company, today announced the launch of its new solution for the mediation of ad campaigns from networks, DSPs and agencies as well as direct-sold campaigns and house ads. Based on initial tests, the product is delivering a 30-40 percent increase in eCPMs for beta clients.

The SponsorPay Ad Mediation Platform gives publishers access to 50+ top demand-side partners out of the box. It is also able to easily integrate almost any provider not already included.

Unlike other solutions in the market that simply stack offers from different providers, this platform takes advantage of historical performance data per campaign to compute platform-wide offer rankings in real-time using a proprietary algorithm that includes innovative de-duplication techniques.

“The ad network mediation solution from SponsorPay delivers very effective yield optimization and consequently ensures the highest eCPMs in the industry,” observed Lianwu Pan, CEO of Feelingtouch, the developer behind popular games Ninja RushDragon Hunter and Eagle Nest.

“SponsorPay’s ad mediation platform is our go-to solution for high-quality campaigns from top agencies and networks worldwide as well as the company’s own direct sales force,” echoed Gaël Bonnafous at Scimob of 94Seconds fame.

As a single-point solution for publishers, the ad network mediation platform simplifies ad-based monetization by also providing the following benefits:

  • Integration: Flexible plug ‘n’ play integration options for various products (video, offer wall, interstitial etc.) and cross-platform technologies (JSON/XML/API, Unity, Marmalade, Adobe Air, Flash)
  • UI/UX: Heavily A/B tested front-end elements and easily customizable interface options
  • Dashboards: In-depth reporting of KPIs (eCPMs, CTR, CR, fill rates, etc.) and revenues split by demand partner, as well as extensive ad filtering controls

“We believe in an open approach to monetization to drive the best results for our publishers while simultaneously ensuring a high-quality experience for users,” stated Janis Zech, co-founder of SponsorPay. “Our Ad Mediation Platform is the culmination of months of product development based on market analysis as well as feedback from our clients.”

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