SponsorPay Launches Mobile Video Ad Mediation To Empower App Developers’ Ad Monetization

SAN FRANCISCO, USA, July 30, 2013 — We are proud to announce the launch of the industry’s first truly integrated mobile rewarded video ad mediation solution, an important addition to our Mediation Platform introduced in March. It enables publishers to seamlessly integrate, manage and optimize video ads from popular providers for better fill-rates and higher eCPMs.

sponsorpay rewarded video ad mediation monetization
SponsorPay’s mobile video ad mediation solution helps developers to integrate, manage and optimize popular video ad networks and exchanges.

With a 258 percent increase in ad spend last year, mobile video is one of the fastest growing ad categories in the app ecosystem today. Mobile also helped propel a 300 percent increase in overall video views last year.

“Our Mediation Platform puts app developers in the driver’s seat and lets them focus on their core business to build awesome and engaging apps while boosting ad revenues,” said Janis Zech, CRO and co-founder of SponsorPay. “Eliminating the resource impact and opportunity cost on our partners was the key driver in bringing this product to market.”

Scott Walker, Head of Production at Ninja Kiwi, declared: “As soon as we heard that SponsorPay was providing an ad mediation solution we signed up. We’ve been incredibly impressed with SponsorPay’s service and support, and the Mediation Platform gives us exactly what we need.” Ninja Kiwi is the developer of iOS Top 5 Hit “Bloons TD Battles.”

As app developers and mobile services today incorporate video advertising into their mobile monetization mix, different problems arise. First, traffic supply for rewarded video ads exceeds advertising demand, resulting in low fill-rates. To optimize fill-rates, developers integrate and maintain multiple ad networks consuming valuable tech resources. Second, these networks all have their own reporting dashboards and different KPIs to compare performance and decide on how to rank the networks. The ranking algorithm itself introduces another major challenge as networks’ monetization differs per country and eCPMs fluctuate. Hence, a ranking algorithm needs to be introduced to optimize overall monetization in real-time.

SponsorPay’s Ad Mediation Platform for mobile video addresses these challenges, providing seamless integration, efficient management and intelligent optimization. Developers integrate the platform once via an open-source SDK to take advantage of the following features:


  • Drag and drop SDK integration of any network without disruption of existing direct partnerships
  • Out-of-the-box access to multiple leading networks


  • Single dashboard to analyze revenue data from individual networks
  • Controls to determine the amount of traffic channeled to each network in a specific country or to allow SponsorPay to do so in an automated manner
  • Tools to test and tweak user rewards from a certain network to strike the right balance


  • Proprietary optimization algorithm based on network performance (on a per-country basis) via round-robin scheduling and frequency caps
  • Manual override features to allow for specific priorities and allocations

“SponsorPay’s Mediation Platform is a great response to two main publishers’ issues: the optimization of eCPM and the guarantee of a high fill-rate level,” added Alexis de Charentenay, Director of Business Development at Adictiz, the leading mobile and social gaming company.

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