SponsorPay Leads Marketing Experts In A Discussion On Engagement In A Multi-Platform World At a4uexpo

a4uexpo Europe attracted over 900 delegates to Amsterdam on Tuesday and Wednesday to learn and share knowledge about performance marketing.

SponsorPay helped organise a panel on “Engaging with Consumers in a Multi-Platform World”. It was a fitting topic, given our recent white paper: The 10 Rules of Engagement in a Multi-Platform World. Projjol, our VP of Marketing and Business Development, steered the conversation among well-respected speakers from diverse professional backgrounds:

  • Gianfranco Ludovici, Online Marketing and Business Development at eBay

  • Michele Marzan, Managing Director for South East Europe at Zanox

  • Mike Hoogveld, Registered Marketer and Partner at RedFoxBlue

The panel discussed best practices and the new developments that are catching the attention of marketers looking to reach their consumers in an increasing complex multi-platform world.

Key insights from the discussion:

  • Mobile has become a trend marketers cannot afford to ignore. Gianfranco from eBay revealed that one third of eBay’s transactions have (sometimes multiple) mobile touchpoints.

  • Panelists agreed that, in order to be successful, campaigns must be carefully localized according to region. Michele from Zanox discussed the difference in marketing tactics across more mature countries such as Italy and France vs emerging markets such as Turkey and Brazil.

  • Michele also mentioned that consumers have now become “schizophrenic” because of the sheer number of devices they use. This poses a challenge to marketers who, panelists agreed, have not yet found the best way to engage with these consumers.

  • The speakers told the audience that marketers have to be flexible and continue experimenting with different marketing tactics and strategies to find out what resonates best with their consumers – the approach recommended by all was to innovate cheaply and quickly.

  • The panelists shared their predictions for important trends in engagement marketing for 2014. Highlights were that integrated data will become a priority for organizations and that, within retail, marketers will look to see if their spending is generating incremental sales.

A big thanks to all the panelists who joined us in the discussion!



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